‘Riverdale’ spins out, Kylie Jenner on Megyn Kelly and Tupac lives

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Ever since it premiered on The CW earlier this year, weekly teen drama Riverdale has been gaining a bigger and bigger fan base. Featuring the characters from the long-running comic series Archie Comics, the show puts a notably darker spin on the everyday occurrences in the small town of Riverdale.

Inevitably, the show’s success has led to TV executives looking for other ways to monetize the teenage TV viewers. According to recent reports from The Hollywood Reporter, The CW is hoping to bring a Sabrina the Teenage Witch spinoff to the small screen in the near future. The entertainment publication reported that Riverdale’s showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa is teaming up with the network to develop a screenplay for the show, which is supposedly aiming to be in line with the tone of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist. Evidently, Roberto (with the help of The CW) is looking to put a more mature spin on the comic book story, which was originally written as a light-hearted, humorous comic about a teenage witch.

While only a few details have been revealed about the in-development series, The Hollywood Reporter claims that it is being called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. However, seeing as it is still in the very early stages, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this title change before the show actually hits the air.

Stay tuned for more details about The CW’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off, as well as Riverdale!

scott disick working bulge on sofia richie now

If you have seen any of the tabloids over the past few weeks, you have probably spotted pictures of young Sofia Richie hanging out with troubled reality star Scott Disick. While they have both claimed to be merely friends, they continue to be photographed in each other’s company a lot these days – inevitably, leading to the continuance of media-driven relationship rumors.

This week, tabloid magazine US Weekly reported that Sofia’s blossoming relationship (friendship or otherwise) with Scott has caused for some tension between her and stylist Chloe Bartoli, who has been linked to Scott on several occasions in the past. According to a source close to Sofia, she and Scott “became official over the past week while they were in New York City together.” Subsequently, when Chloe found out about the new development in the duo’s relationship, she was not happy.

As you may or may not know, Chloe and Sofia have long been close friends. In fact, one insider says that the two “were the best of friends and were inseparable.” However, now that Sofia is getting close to Scott, the two have been distancing themselves from one another. The same source explained, “After Sofia started hooking up with Scott, Chloe stopped speaking to her. It’s a mess.”

While it is tough to say how much truth there is to this particular story, it has been noted that Chloe and Sofia just recently un-followed each other on Instagram. In this day and age, that speaks volumes!

kylie jenner passes on megyn kelly interview

Kylie Jenner bailed on an interview with “Today” host Megyn Kelly, sources told media outlets, because she was spooked by potentially tough questions Kelly could ask.

Kelly’s interview with Kris Jenner and daughters KimKourtneyKhloé and Kendall was taped earlier in the year and aired on Wednesday.

Noticeably absent was youngest sister Kylie, who’d posted images of herself at the studio for the interview back when it was taped.

A source tells us that before Kelly’s questions began, “Kylie bailed,” getting cold feet about facing the interviewer.

“She was all set to do the interview with her sisters, and she arrived at the location, ready to go,” a source said. “Then she bailed at the last minute because she thought the questions were going to be too tough.”

A rep for Kylie did not get back to us.

In her absence, Kendall defended Kylie, citing the 20-year-old’s cosmetics line when asked about any haters the family has.

“My little sister has an insane business . . . Anyone who says they don’t want their kid to be like that . . . is insane to me,” Kendall quipped.

suge knight still believes tupac shakur is alive

Suge Knight thinks Tupac Shakur may still be alive.

The Death Row Records CEO, who was with Shakur when he was shot in September 1996, discussed his belief in the conspiracy theory that the rapper survived the shooting for the upcoming Fox special “Who Shot Biggie and Tupac?”

“When Pac died — I mean, if he really did, you know,” Knight, 52, told Soledad O’Brien and Ice-T in a clip released from the show Wednesday. “I mean, when I left that hospital, me and Pac was laughing and joking. So I don’t see how somebody can turn from doing well to doing bad. I’m gonna tell you that with Pac, you never know.”

Knight made the revelation over the phone from jail, where he’s awaiting trial on a murder charge stemming from a 2015 incident in which he’s accused of running over two men with his car.

Shakur’s East Coast rival, Notorious B.I.G., was shot to death in March 1997.

Neither murder has been solved, though some fringe believers insist that Biggie is alive and residing in Greece and that a healthy Shakur is relaxing in Cuba.

The full special will air Sunday on Fox.

fergie album about josh duhamel split mttg

Following a Brooklyn premiere of Fergie’s long-awaited second solo album, some were left wondering if it was inspired by her breakup with Josh Duhamel.

Tracks on the new album, titled “Double Dutchess,” include “Save It Till Morning,” “A Little Work,” “Love Is Blind” and “Love Is Pain.” And Fergie admitted, “There’s a lot of my life, and my vulnerable side on the album.”

But she insists that the songs, written from the journals she has kept throughout her life, are about many relationships she has had, not just Duhamel, and the videos “amplify” events from her past.

Fergie, 42, and Duhamel, 44, announced in September they had separated “earlier this year” after eight years of marriage.

She and the “Transformers” star share a 4-year-old son, Axl, who she says is “the sun that we all revolve around,” adding that she is staying strong after the split for him. “Now it is really about taking care of yourself, I have a son, and keeping the balance of life is very important, just checking in with yourself to make sure everything is balanced.”

The album is also a “visual experience,” with the singer filming a video for each of the songs Beyoncé-style, which will all drop on Friday, Sept. 22.

Of the album she said, “There’s a weird religious tone to the whole thing. I am more spiritual than religious . . . It is also about my relationship with my God, my higher power, my universe, whatever you want to call it, whatever it is, I’ve really had to call upon that throughout the making of this album.”

Fergie has been very open about her mistakes and overcoming drug addiction in the past: “Writing the song ‘A Little Work,’ it was all about how everything is a battle with the mind, it is how you change things slowly, little by little, sometimes it is not the easiest way to go, but that’s how we better ourselves. The song is definitely about a battle with myself and my own demons.”

The record also includes some killer Fergie upbeat club tracks including “You Already Know” featuring Nicki Minaj and “Hungry” featuring Rick Ross. There’s also the cheeky song “M.I.L.F.$,” accompanied by a video that features Kim Kardashian, Chrissie Teigen, and Amber Valletta.

Guests at Tuesday’s Wythe Hotel VIP party for Fergie’s new album included models Alex Lundqvist, Marquita Pring and Precious Lee, Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir and Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of the late Princess Diana.

lawrence odonnell rant goes viral

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell has apologized after clips surfaced of him profanely yelling at staffers in between segments of his prime-time program.

The clips from O’Donnell’s Aug. 29 show were published online by Mediaite on Wednesday. They show O’Donnell angrily reacting over the wrong sound being fed into his earpiece. He also demands someone put an end to hammering near the studio, calling on staffers to call MSNBC president Phil Griffin, if necessary.

O’Donnell’s rant quickly became fodder for memes on social media. One widely-shared video spliced up O’Donnell’s comments about the hammering with the music video for M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.”

O’Donnell was contrite in a Twitter post Wednesday night, writing: “A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties. I’m sorry.”

darci lynn farmer wins americas got talent 2017

A 12-year-old singing ventriloquist is getting a $1 million prize and her own Las Vegas show after taking the “America’s Got Talent” crown on the season 12 finale of the NBC reality competition.

Darci Lynne Farmer, of Oklahoma City, beat out another youngster, 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale, for the ‘AGT’ title Wednesday by garnering the most votes from viewers.

Farmer told media outlets after the show that she was “overcome with joy and luckiness.” Judge Heidi Klum said the girl “is the full package,” adding that “she really touched people’s hearts” and “made people laugh at home.”

Farmer is the third ventriloquist to win the competition. Season 2 champ Terry Fator performed a duet with Farmer on the season finale and worked with her on her scripts.

jimmy kimmel on healthcare fight reform

Jimmy Kimmel used his late-night platform to continue his assault on the GOP health care bill, firing back at critics including U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy and “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade.

The ABC star on Wednesday was following up on his monologue from Tuesday when he said the bill Cassidy is co-sponsoring failed the “Jimmy Kimmel test,” a phrase Cassidy coined in May after Kimmel announced his newborn son underwent heart surgery for a birth defect.

The Louisiana Republican said Wednesday morning that Kimmel “does not understand” the bill. Kimmel mocked Cassidy’s claim and called his proposal “the worst health care bill yet.”

After Kilmeade labeled Kimmel a “Hollywood elite” pushing politics, Kimmel called Kilmeade “a phony little creep” who Kimmel says previously asked him to write a blurb for his book. Kilmeade disputed some of Kimmel’s account on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, saying he asked him to be a part of a sports book he wrote in 2003. He added that he hoped Kimmel’s son gets better and told the host: “Continue to do a great job.”

rachel bilson splits with hayden christensen movie tv tech geeks

Once again, couples in Hollywood have hit quite the rough patch…

Over the past few weeks, we have been reporting about several notable splits in Hollywood. Unfortunately, this pattern of break-ups has yet to end, as another longtime couple has reportedly decided to part ways.

This week, a source revealed to tabloid publication US Weekly that former OC starlet Rachel Bilson and her longtime beau Hayden Christensen have called it quits. The duo, who have been dating on and off for the past ten years, never got married. However, they do share a young daughter, 2-year-old Briar Rose.

The insider told US Weekly, “[Rachel’s] full-time back in L.A. [Hayden’s] in Toronto. They’ve been on the outs for a couple of months.”

Rachel and Hayden first met on the set of the action-thriller Jumper. In 2008, about a year after they started dating, Rachel and Hayden announced that they were officially engaged. Unfortunately, just two years later, the couple called off their engagement. Ever since then, they have been romantically linked to each other, despite no longer being engaged. According to US Weekly’s source, who is close to the stars, the couple is “completely, officially done” this time around.

aaron paul having first baby

In happier news, another Hollywood couple will soon be welcoming their first child into the world together. On Tuesday, former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul announced that he and his wife Lauren Paul are expecting their first baby.

Aaron took to his Instagram page to share a photo of his glowing wife caressing her growing stomach, with a caption that explained, “Hey everyone. Look what I did. Words can’t express how excited I am that this little one has entered out lives. Just thought it was time I would share this beautiful news with you all.”

Aaron Paul, Instagram post:


Aaron’s wife Lauren also took to her Instagram to address the exciting news. She posted a photo collage of a baby picture of her, a baby picture of Aaron, as well as a sonogram of the little one that is on its way.

Lauren Paul, Instagram post:

Aaron and Lauren got married back in 2013. While Aaron is busy in the entertainment busy, Lauren keeps busy with philanthropy. In fact, the blonde haired beauty is one of the founders of the Kind Campaign, which aims to bring awareness to bullying and girl-on-girl hate. Now, the loved birds are preparing for the next chapter of their life together.

Congratulations to Aaron and Lauren!