Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter makes tv history and Beyonce Jay Z Missing wedding ring Becky mystery continues

jimmy kimmels daughter makes tv history 2016 gossip

Jimmy Kimmel's daughter makes tv history and Beyonce Jay Z Missing wedding ring Becky 2016 gossip

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Jane has just become the youngest person in television history to ever “host” a late night talk show. In honor of “Take Your Kid to Work Day” on Thursday, Jimmy shared a playful image of his daughter taking over his hosting duties. On his Twitter page Jimmy posted a picture showing his adorable daughter blankly staring from behind the large desk of his Jimmy Kimmel Live! set. Alongside the picture, Jimmy jokingly captioned, “I’ve been replaced.”

Jimmy Kimmel, Twitter post:

While Jane will be turning 2 this summer, the pint-sized Hollywood offspring has not made many public appearances. Despite his notoriety, Jimmy has been known to keep his personal life relatively private (in comparison to his famous counterparts).

Evidently, Jimmy is thoroughly enjoying fatherhood once again, as Jane is his only daughter with wife Molly McNearney (whom he married back in 2013). It has been quite awhile since the comedian has had to change diapers, as his two other kids from his previous marriage are already fully grown (Kevin, 22 and Katie, 24).

Fans all over social media got a kick out of Jane’s office place invasion. In fact, one twitter user even questioned whether Jane would also be holding out her father’s “grudge” against actor Matt Damon. The user jokingly asked, “Will [Jane] let Matt Damon’s kid on the show?”

Jimmy Kimmel fan, Twitter post:

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Since Beyoncé’s Lemonade aired last weekend, the whole world has been consumed in the rumors surrounding whether or not Jay-Z cheated on the international superstar. From fashion designer Rachel Roy to singer Rita Ora, countless women have been accused of being “Becky with the good hair,” which is the person Beyoncé alleges had an affair with her lover (presumably Jay-Z).

However, after ample media hype, some are speculating that perhaps this crazy rumor mill was completely intentional – perhaps there truly is no “Becky with the good hair,” and Beyoncé is just a media mastermind who knows how to create buzz around her album. Considering her long and thriving career in the music industry I, for one, would not be surprised if this were the case.

On Wednesday, Beyoncé further fueled this latest theory as she dedicated her love-themed song “Halo” to her husband. Jay-Z was seen adoringly watching as his wife kicked off her “Formation World Tour” in Miami. Before singing the hit song, Queen Bey told the crowd, “I want to dedicate this song to my beautiful husband. I love you so much.”

Despite this loving dedication, the media once again went into frenzy when it was pointed out that both Beyoncé and Jay-Z were missing their wedding rings after the concert.

jay z missing wedding ring beyonce

All of the mystery and mixed signals coming form the star leads me, like many others, to believe that this whole indefinitely scandal was one big calculated plan to sell albums. It seems to me that Bey and Jay-Z are happily sitting back together watching the money roll in, while the rest of the world comes up with ridiculous stories about their impending divorce and marital problems.

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