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Did history repeat itself for Nick Gordon plus Amy Schumer, Bill Cosby

Nick Gordon hits again, Amy Schumer finds humor in past Ben Hanisch relationship and Bill Cosby witness stand waits.

Iggy Azalea message for Nick Young & Kanye West revisits Taylor Swift diss

Iggy Azalea gave Nick Young a message before marriage, Kanye West can't let go of his Taylor Swift Grammy diss and Dr. Phil point blank asks Nick Gordon about murdering Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Victor Cruz Group Action Sting & Nick Gordon’s Murder Charges For Bobbi Kristina Brown

Victor Cruz's fiance took his womanizing ways into her own hands, Rick Ross jumped up on 50 Cent and Nick Gordon is getting all the heat for Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Splitting For Real & Ciara’s Future Not Happy With Russell Wilson

It's the beginning of the week, and the things going on in the world of the rich and famous are all over the place. Poor Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral was even jam packed with drama, Will Smith & Jada Pinkett divorce rumors hit again and Ciara's Future not happy with Russell Wilson touching his child.

Pure Leef Swears Kylie Jenner Not Paid To Cream For Them: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Not to be outdone by her sisters, Kylie Jenner is making gossip headlines after posting a photo to her Instagram account in which she advertised a lotion meant to pump up a woman’s breasts and a cream meant to be used on one’s rear end.

Drake Gets Meek Mill’s Sister, Nick Gordon Begs & Amber Rose Understands

Friday is finally here and the world of entertainment is buzzing with beefs and responses, including Meek Mill's very meek response to Drake, but his alleged sister gave it her full force.

Birdman Flies, Drake Replies & Khloe Kardashian Stink Eyes Amber Rose

What a crazy weekend it's been with Bobbi Kristina Brown officially being declared dead by her family, Birdman has his alibi, Drake disses Meek Mill back and Khloe Kardashian continues her tiff with Amber Rose.

RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown

Reports have cropped up this week around Bobbi Kristina Brown, and our Curvy Girl Diva reported that two hearses had been seen at her medical compound leaving many to believe that she had died. Today, the family has made it official that the young woman has died.

Taylor Swift Refriends Nicki Minaj & More Bobbi Kristina Mystery

Well it’s Friday people and rumor mill is steady turning with Kelly Price's divorce, Taylor Swift back loving Nicki Minaj and Bobby Kristina Brown's mystery gets even weirder.

50 Cent No More, Kylie Jenner Controversy & Bill Cosby’s Women

It's the beginning of a new hot week, and the drought in LA plus this heatwave across the country must be doing funny things to celebs like making 50 Cent blow all his money and now he's running to the government to help him out with bankruptcy.

Serena Williams Beats Venus & NeNe Leake’s RHOA Replacement

hope everyone’s 4th of July weekend was awesome. Mine was freaking amazing, and there has been some major shakeups going on at the Real Housewives of Atlanta along with Bobbi Kristina Brown's.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Nicki Fully Meeked & A Father Gets It Wrong

A new round of celebrity craziness and sadness arrives a day late, but you can check out our editor's note below to see why. Bobby Brown sadly wishes Bobbi Kristina Brown were awake and tells concert goers she is but Cissy Houston reverses that.

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