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‘The Bachelorette’ 1201 shows Jojo Fletcher’s limited choices

Just a few short months after she got her heartbroken by last season’s Bachelor Ben Higgins, the latest Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher, 25, returned to our TV screens as she ventures on her own quest for love.

Dave Chapelle does Caitlyn Jenner with Kylie in Room & Ben Higgins still loving Lauren Bushnell

Young couple Kylie Jenner and Tyga opted to spend their Saturday night at well-known comedian Dave Chapelle’s stand-up show in Los Angeles. Sitting front row in the VIP section, Kylie and Tyga were clearly hoping to have a laid-back evening and enjoy some comedy.

‘The Bachelor’s’ Bland Ben Higgins Picks Lauren Bushnell with Jojo Fletcher next

It was a huge week for bachelor nation as season 20 of The Bachelor aired its finale. Two weeks ago we saw bachelor Ben Higgins tell both Lauren B. and Jojo that he was in love with them.

Slingbox 500 is your March Madness Savior

Slingbox Ensures Optimal Basketball Watching Time for the 2016 NCAA Tournament aka March Madness

‘The Bachelor’ Women Tell All on Ben Higgins

The time has come once again for ABC to air the “Women Tell All” special episode of The Bachelor. Every season the whole pack of contestants are invited back for a night of uncomfortable discussion facilitated by host Chris Harrison

Caila Quinn’s ‘Bachelorette’ silver lining & Kourtney Kardashian really over Scott Disick, maybe

Last Monday, ABC aired its latest episode of The Bachelor, where Ben Higgins made the tough decision to axe contestant Caila Quinn from the running. Unfortunately her elimination occurred just days after she had professed her love to Ben

‘The Bachelor’ 2009 Ben Higgins doubles up on love

It is not only February that has come to an end…ABC’s The Bachelor is quickly nearing the finale of its 20th season. On this week’s episode Ben took the final three ladies off to Jamaica

‘The Bachelor’ 1910 Final Four & No Instant Family for Ben Higgins

While Valentine’s Day may have already passed, things are just beginning to get serious between the Bachelor and his remaining 4 contestants. On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins heads off to each of the four women’s

‘The Bachelor’ 2006 Play ball & meet the parents: Warsaw Indiana

This season of The Bachelor has just flown by. On this week’s episode, Ben invited the remaining 6 women to join him in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Here, he filled his parents in on all of the craziness that has been happening over the past few weeks

Ben Higgins aka The Bland ‘Bachelor’

Since this season’s bachelor has already narrowed it down to the final 6 it is the perfect time to take a more in-depth look at the man calling the shots. For season 20, The Bachelor opted to cast Ben Higgins for its title role.

‘The Bachelor’ 2005 Ben Higgins’ love of confusion plus pigs

The drama continued on this week’s episode of The Bachelor. As you may recall last week’s episode ended off on a cliffhanger as Ben asked for resident villain Olivia to come talk with him prior to the rose ceremony.

‘The Bachlor’ 2005 Olivia anchors Ben Higgins in Mexico City

Another episode of The Bachelor, another opportunity for the show’s producers to paint contestant Olivia out to be a villainous, crazy person.

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