Dave Chapelle does Caitlyn Jenner with Kylie in Room & Ben Higgins still loving Lauren Bushnell

dave chappelle does caitlyn jenner with kylie in room 2016 images

dave chappelle does caitlyn jenner with kylie in room 2016 images

Young couple Kylie Jenner and Tyga opted to spend their Saturday night at well-known comedian Dave Chapelle’s stand-up show in Los Angeles. Sitting front row in the VIP section, Kylie and Tyga were clearly hoping to have a laid-back evening and enjoy some comedy. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite what they got, as Dave took aim at Kylie’s transgender father Caitlyn Jenner during the show.

With Kylie gazing on unimpressed in the front row, Dave went on to make a comment stating he is old enough to remember Caitlyn as a “superman” athlete who was “beating Africans” in the Olympics. While this quip might not seem too bad, Dave then proceeded to state that he knew Caitlyn was going to come out as a transgender before she actually made the official announcement. He told the audience that he ran into Caitlyn’s (semi) son-in-law Kanye West, who appeared noticeably upset. Dave joked, “I said, Kanye…why the long face? And Kanye replied, ‘Man, you’ll see.’”

kylie jenner not fan of dave chapelle on caitlyn jenner 2016 images

According to fellow show-goers, Kylie remained stone cold throughout the particular segment of the show. However, she did end up staying for the whole show and reportedly appeared to enjoy the other parts of Dave’s routine that didn’t use her father as a punch line.

ben higgins wet with lauren bushnell 2016

Unlike many of their Bachelor predecessors, newly engaged couple Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell is still (or at least appear to be) very much in love and enjoying their time with one another.

It has been about 2 weeks since the finale of Ben’s season aired and the world found out that Lauren was, in fact, the woman who ultimately won over Ben’s heart. Since then, the duo has been very busy doing the rounds on various TV talk shows. However, the two decided to take the Easter long weekend off, as they enjoyed a family-filled holiday in Indiana.

On Instagram, Lauren shared numerous photos of her hanging out with her new fiancée and his family. Lauren is seen hanging out with Ben and his 90-year-old grandpa, as well as beaming as she dines with Ben’s mother.

Lauren Bushnell, Instagram post:

lauren bushnell with ben higgins and dad 2016 lauren bushnell instagram with ben higgins mom 2016 gossip

In addition, Lauren also posted a playful picture of her and Ben enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches with the caption “can’t wait to eat grilled cheese forever with this man.” Here’s hoping this is the case, as unfortunately most of the past Bachelor couples don’t quite have the happily-ever-after they expect. Including Ben and Lauren, only 6 couples are still together after the 20 seasons of The Bachelor and 11 seasons of The Bachelorette.