Miley Cyrus takes over Gwen Stefani’s ‘Voice’ Chair and Hugh Jackman proves super powers

miley cyrus takes over for gwen stefani as the voice judge 2016 gossip

Miley Cyrus takes over Gwen Stefani's 'Voice' Chair 2016 gossip

NBC is once again switching things up with their hit singing competition The Voice. Traditionally the show features one female coach, which has been either Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera in the past. However, they just made the huge announcement that they are making yet another switch up to the coaching panel for the show’s 11th season.

On Friday singer Miley Cyrus confirmed on Twitter that she will be taking one of the big red seats next season and subsequently, will be coaching her own selected team of singers through the competition. Considering Miley has established herself as a pretty wild performer, it will be interesting to see what she brings to the table in terms of guiding aspiring musicians.

Miley Cyrus, Twitter post:

Fortunately, Miley is getting an in-depth look at her job already, as she is currently the key advisor on the show’s 10th season that is right now airing. In this role, she gives advice to all of the team’s musicians before they head into the competitive knock out rounds.

While Miley might be the only coach wearing stickers on her face next season, she will not be the only new addition to the team. Previously NBC announced that they are enlisting Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keyes to also take over one of the 4 red seats. Thus, it appears that the team behind The Voice is keeping in mind the demise of fellow singing competition American Idol, as they are evidently try to bring a whole new dynamic to the upcoming installment of the show.  The exiting seats will be from Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani while Adam Levine and Blake Shelton keep their spinning seats.

hugh jackman saves riptide swimmers 2016 gossip

Hugh Jackman doesn’t just play an action star on the big screen – the Australian actor proved his real-world bravery and talent on Saturday when he was caught saving his two young kids while on a beach in Sydney, Australia.

According to witnesses, Hugh’s son Oscar, 15, and daughter Ava, 10, were unexpectedly caught in a riptide that began dragging them out to sea. This prompted Hugh, as well as another male beach-goer, to rush out and bring the two kids back to the shore. In addition, Hugh also made an effort to wave other swimmers who were further out to come back in and avoid the strong current.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the lifeguards on the beach went on to make 43 rescues and the beach was later shut down.

Despite all of the action, Hugh’s rep modestly released a statement claiming, “Hugh and his family are 100 percent fine. It looks a lot more dramatic than it was.” My Kitchen Rules’ star Lynzey Murphy was also on the beach with Hugh when all of the headline-making commotion occurred. She went on to explain to the The Daily Telegraph, “[Hugh] was pretty level headed. If you start freaking out in front of your children, it is only going to make it worse.”