Slingbox 500 is your March Madness Savior

slingbox 500 is your march madness savior 2016 images

slingbox 500 is your march madness savior 2016 images

Slingbox Ensures Optimal Basketball Watching Time for the 2016 NCAA Tournament aka March Madness

To paraphrase the late, great Benjamin Franklin, the only things guaranteed in this world are death, taxes, and someone in your household screwing up your television watching schedule. Be it your spouse, children, or roommates, the world just seems to be out to prevent you from catching the latest installment of whatever—it doesn’t matter, cause you’re missing it.

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Well, those days are long gone. The Slingbox 500 frees your favorite programs from the confines of your living room television by streaming your shows on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even another TV. With no monthly fees or additional charges from your cable company, Slingbox simply allows you to watch live and recorded shows, movies, and sporting events anywhere in the world.

With March Madness right here, there has never been a better time to invest in basketball on your phone. With so many games to choose from, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in pure basketball gold. March Madness doesn’t take your hectic always-on-the-go schedule into account.

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It also doesn’t stop for the poor soul (let’s call him Khris to protect his privacy) stuck watching reruns of The Bachelor while his roommates debate over who Chris Soules should pick knowing damn well that he ends up proposing to Whitney.

And while that defeated man’s roommates decided that March 19-22, 2015, would be the perfect time catch up on the whole man picking a fake wife thing, Khris struggled through his basketball-less classes, he arrived home only to find three grown men sitting on the couch under the same blanket with a communal bowl of lightly buttered popcorn watching 10 women cry over the same guy.

So after six hours of refreshing scores on the ESPN app and missing UAB upset Iowa St. in the first round, Khris would return home to find the TV booked—and it was three against one.

Khris missed some of the best parts of the tournament including Wichita State’s upset of Kansas, Baylor’s loss to Georgia State, and the first half of Michigan State’s improbable Final Four run. All he could do was refresh the score on that app and scroll through thousands of tweets in the typical “If you’re missing this game, I feel sorry for you,” format.

He was finally able to truly sympathize with that guy in those commercials who is forced to go shopping with his wife instead of watching the game. Those commercials, however, were trying to sell him some NCAA or NFL streaming service that would run a good $50 or so a month on top of the cable bill. With Slingbox, you can say goodbye to yet another monthly fee as there are none.

To mimic those skinny-legged Peyton Manning Direct TV commercials, don’t be this Khris. Slingbox dries those tears and allows you to watch the game from your phone.

Imagine the difference. Instead of resigning himself to crying and eating popcorn on the couch with the boys while Becca and Whitney both confess their love for the same man they’ve known for about a month, Slingbox Khris witnessed R.J. Hunter’s 3-point shot at the buzzer to upset Baylor in real time. Instead of sitting through a lecture about the imperialistic foreign policy of the Teddy Roosevelt era, Khris was able to watch in awe as Kentucky extended their 34-0 record through his Cincinnati Bearcats in the second round.

Learn from Khris—it’s not worth the risk. March Madness 2016 has the potential to be one of the best in years. With no team in the AP Top 25 having less than four losses, this year’s tournament should provide plenty of opportunity for big upsets, game-winning shots, and even a miracle Elite Eight run or two.

The No. 7 North Carolina Tar Heels are sitting on some of the best Vegas odds to make the Final Four (6/1), but as history will show you, college basketball is about a lot more than simply having the best team on the court. For example, Florida Gulf Coast will be back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since their Sweet Sixteen run in 2013 after winning the Atlantic Sun tournament. Of course, no college basketball fan has forgotten the ultimate bracket busters who upset not only No. 2 Georgetown but also No. 7 San Diego State.

So whether it’s the Northern Iowa Panthers looking to upset a top seed or two, the Jayhawks trying to ride the No. 1 seed all the way to the Final Four, and Villanova and Gonzaga just attempting to not inevitably blow it too early, you’ll be right there with the action whether or not your television is available.

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Watch the games in class, at work, or while being dragged around the mall. We won’t tell. And after a long day, if you come home to your roommates arguing over whether or not Lauren B. is the best match for Ben Higgins (which she totally is) with The Bachelor reruns controlling the TV, just know that Slingbox has got your back. For more information on Slingbox just head over here.