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TikTok hopes Donald Trump forgets ban while Apple’s new M1 Macbook Pro revolutionizes

TikTok returns to court to fight Donald Trump's upcoming ban while Apple unveils its M1 Macbook.

Walmart’s Black Friday 2019 hottest deals are rivaling Amazon

Walmart is keeping up with Amazon on early Black Friday doorbuster deals that actually rival the online giant.

Hottest Sports Fitness and Tech Gift Ideas Holiday Guide 2018

We've all got that sports fitness and tech geek in our life who isn't the easiest to buy holiday gifts for. We've pulled together the best gifts to satisfy that fitness and tech enthusiast in your life.

Apple Watch 4 evolved into better health lifeline

Apple is moving its Watch Series 4 into more medical device territory with an EKG while also be slimmer, lighter and much faster than before.

Apple bringing out new iPhone 7, Smartwatch and listening devices

Every year we know that Apple will unleash either new product or an update and on Wednesday, they are unveiling the latest updates for the iPhone 7, their smartwatch and possibly some new listening gadgets.

Apple, Best Buy and the Apple Watch: Retailing Time

Much to the chagrin of the competition especially Samsung, Blackberry and Microsoft, Apple trumpeted its phenomenal sales of the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple published its sales numbers of the iPhone and didn’t mind the modest sales of its other products.

So was it time for Apple Watch?

It’s something new from Apple and the world should have it. When you buy it, it has to be tweeted, its screenshots posted on Facebook and the end of the email should read: ‘Sent from my …’ Apple simply killed the last two quarters of 2014 with the sales of the iPhone 6+.

Does Steve Jobs’ Vision still live on at Apple?

It was a tragic day on October 5th 2011 when Steve Jobs sadly passed away. He was without a doubt one of the most influential businessmen in the tech space and the inspiration that he brought to Apple still lives on today several years on.

Android Wear is Something Apple Should Watch Out For

Many iPhone users, mainly Apple fans and early adopters should have their Apple Watches by now. Despite encouraging buyers to go online for their Apple Watch, many Apple faithful still flocked to Apple stores and distributors to get theirs.

No More Lines on Apple Watch Launch Day?

If Apple sold popcorn, hotdogs, and drinks for an insane 20 bucks, each encased in white containers during those long lines every time they release something new, they’d probably make a lot of money and maybe get into the food business.

Apple Watch To Sell Out Friday Claims Apple

It's not surprising that Apple is already claiming that they will be selling out of their highly marketed Apple Watch on Friday when it comes available for pre-sale. With 38 models to choose from, the company is playing it smart doing pre-sales two weeks ahead of when it is to become available.

Apple Watch Preorder Wait Listing Begins

Apple has been marketing it's huge investment the Apple Watch like crazy, so even they know that supplies will be tight. All you pre-order shoppers be ready to wait and if you're waiting until April 24, when they officially are available, don't be surprised if they're not so available.

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