Does Steve Jobs’ Vision still live on at Apple?

steve jobs vision living at apple 2015

steve jobs vision living at apple 2015

It was a tragic day on October 5th 2011 when Steve Jobs sadly passed away. He was without a doubt one of the most influential businessmen in the tech space and the inspiration that he brought to Apple still lives on today several years on.

On first inspection of the company it does appear that they are doing as well as they ever were – in fact if you look at the figures for Apple it would actually appear that they are doing better than they ever have done before and therefore are not suffering too much with the loss of inspiration that came from Steve jobs.

It is easy to believe this picture – after all whist Steve Jobs did bring a huge amount of inspiration to the company and its products there are also many other skills and advantages that have been brought to the company by its new CEO Tim Cook.

Tim Cook also has a very impressive background in the technology niche – in particular he spent 12 years at IBM eventually becoming director of North American Fulfilment.

In light of Tim’s accolades it would be fair to say that whilst much of the inspiration for Apples products is already in place Tim has brought much to the company that complement this in terms of business strategy, marketing and general direction. It does seem that this combination has been working very well and the company is very profitable and also still churning out very popular products – the latest of which being the Apple Watch which is set to be the leader in the wearable tech space.

apple watch changing steve jobs vision

Whilst we can pain a very believable picture of Apples continuing success and also provide some reasoning behind this explanation others would argue that Steve was the man behind Apple and the visionary that made the company what it is today. These people would suggest that without this visionary involved the company will see a gradual decline as new products come from other tech companies.

It is possible that without Steve Jobs there will not be the same level of innovation and whilst new products can be created along similar lines to what is currently available as these ideas dry out there will be no new inspiration from the company.

This is a very possible theory – especially in the technology niche over any other where everything changes so rapidly. It is highly possible that as new products start coming onto the market and new technologies such as wearable tech and the Internet of Things further evolve that Apple will gradually begin to fall behind and we will see other companies start to take their place.

Of course it may not turn out this way – Tim Cook and the new Apple team may be able to keep up with their competitors and continue to innovate in the tech space long into the future. Only time will tell what happens here. It really comes down to what you believe about Apple and in particular how you see Steve Jobs’ role in the company – personally I see his role as being the visionary – he didn’t just work to create all of the products that made Apple such a big success, he was thinking about those products in his mind for many years before they came into fruition and like a visionary he would have stopped at nothing until those products were realised.

It is perhaps that extreme driving force that has made Apple into the success that it is today – and perhaps so much so that the vision and the inspiration for the company has continued on long after Steve Jobs’ passed away such was the power of his visions.

Only time will tell whether this theory is true – perhaps I will be proven wrong and Apple will continue to see success or perhaps they will gradually turn into decline, only to be replaced by the next big tech giant.

It would be great to hear some other opinions on this subject – do you think that Apple can ultimately survive without Steve Jobs? Is Tim Cook really up to the task or will we see them start to decline as the technology niche further evolves? And if we do see them decline who is most likely to take their place as the lead innovator in tech?