Super Bowl 50 High Anticipation Low Return for Cam Newton’s Panthers Plus those ads

super bowl 50 high anticipation low return 2016 images
during Super Bowl 50 at Levi's Stadium on February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

Super Bowl 50 Recap

Broncos  24   Panthers 10

Everyone was betting on Carolina. All the experts were picking Cam and company. Good thing the powers that be decided to go ahead and play the game on the field anyway. After all the intensity of the regular season, Super Bowl 50 was pretty anti-climatic and one of the more boring ones. The highlight video alone is less than 4 minutes long letting you know there weren’t that many. You can check it out here.

Denver must not have known they were supposed to lay down as the underdog. The Broncos opened up the scoring as Manning drove the offense easily down the field before settling for a field goal. 3-0 Denver with the oldest quarterback in Super Bowl history looking healthy and sharp.

michelob ultra super bowl 50 commercial

Super Bowl Commercial break:

– All athletes drink Michelob Ultra. They should just drink H20….same amount of alcohol and even fewer calories.

– What happens in losing SB cities? Kids put up for adoption after losing bets? #SuperBowlBabies

Carolina’s number one rated offense looked anything but on their first drive. Three and out.

Denver’s offense punted on their next drive, but the Broncos defense would make up for the failure to score. Von Miller ripped both the ball and the manhood of Cam Newton deep in Carolina territory allowing Malik Jackson to fall on the football for the touchdown.

Denver’s defense showing its superiority to Carolina’s D and O. 10-0 Broncos.

The biggest play of the game came before the defensive TD by Denver. The Panthers challenged a 24-yard catch by Cotchery that was a clear reception by any rule involving the sport of football. The review stated it was an incompletion.

Catches should no longer be part of the review process if incorrect calls are the constant.

matt damon shirtless jason bourne super bowl 50 commercial 2016

Super Bowl Commercial break:

  • Who needs a 205 mph Audi?

  • Mountain Dew should cease running SB ads.

  • Jason Bourne is the baddest human to ever appear on film. The link takes you right to the video if you missed or want to see it again. We’ve got one big video down further of all the movie trailers that ran commercials during Super Bowl 50 so you can see them one right after the other.

Luke Kuechly made his presence felt in the first half with a sack and a couple key stops. The Panthers defense was keeping the game close as the offense looked jerky at best.

Carolina finally looked like the best offense in the League with a 73-yard drive capped by a Jonathan Stewart dive over the pile. 10-7 Denver still ahead.

Fate appeared to be in the side of the Orange as Jordan Norwood had the longest punt return in Super Bowl history. The 61-yard return set up Denver deep in Panther territory. Manning and his Broncos were only able to convert the perfect field position into three points, though. 13-7 Denver.

With both teams having trouble with the awful turf, the offenses traded turnovers. Tolbert coughed up a fumble; then Manning returned the gift with a bad throw for a pick. CBS had reminded us three times about the halftime show at this point.

We get it, damn!

The first half ended with Cam Newton being sacked. Newton was too amped up in the first half as many passes were high. Newton would need to use his legs in the second half in order for Carolina to have a shot.

The second half opened with Carolina moving the ball after a 45-yard catch by Ted Ginn Jr. Ginn would move the chains twice on this series that ended with a 44-yard field goal attempt that drifted off to the right hitting the goal post. No good and the score still 13-7 Denver.

On the next drive by the Broncos, Emmanuel Sanders ate up 47 yards on a couple of catches to set Denver up for a field goal of their own which was good. 16-7 Denver. The upset seeming inevitable.

x men apocalypse super bowl 50 commercial

Super Bowl Commercial Break:

  • X-Men Apocalypse looks great.

  • Nice move by Intuit to profile Deathwish Coffee with their SB ad budget.

  • Deadpool also ran a killer commercial and here’s our review of the movie we screened earlier in the day.

Greg Olsen was nowhere to be found in Super Bowl 50, finishing the game with just four catches for 41 yards. Newton was forced to go elsewhere with the football the entire game. Corey Brown caught four balls for 80 yards, 42 coming on Carolina’s next possession. That big gain was negated when Cam Newton threw an interception in the red zone.

Denver failed to move the chains even with CJ Anderson running like a man possessed. They punted once again.

cam newton sacked super bowl 50

The Panthers’ high-powered offense was a distant memory as Denver imposed their will over and over. Newton would be sacked for the fifth time on this drive that ended with another punt.

The Panthers defense stepped up and gave the ball back to their offense with a strip of Manning next. That turnover was converted into a field goal for Carolina to make it 16-10 Denver still ahead.

Carolina would have the ball back after yet another Denver punt, but Superman had his super suit ripped off by the Denver D. The eventual MVP of the Super Bowl, Von Miller would strip Cam of the football once again as Cam refused to dive for the loose ball. Not a good look for the MVP of the League.

Denver would score three plays later on a CJ Anderson run on which he plowed through Kuechly and Davis to make the game all but over at 24-10.

As the clock ticked down to double zeros, we saw Denver win its third Super Bowl, and Carolina loses its second one.

cam newton walks out on super bowl 50 press conference

Cam Newton let his frustration show late in the game and in the presser afterward in which he walked out.

Peyton Manning got his storybook finish as he won his second Super Bowl to match his little brother Eli. Rarely do NFL greats get to go out on top, but if any guy deserves to do so, it’s Peyton Manning.

peyton manning super bowl 50 2016 images

In his initial comments after the victory, he made it clear the focus of this win shouldn’t be on him. He gave full credit to his teammates, especially the defense.

Manning didn’t announce his retirement of course, but his statements after the game made it clear he’s played in his last football game.

When Tracy Wolfson asked how he’d like to be remembered, Peyton showed why he is so respected in the NFL world.

“I’d like to be remembered as a good teammate and that I loved the game of football,” Manning told her.

That love was returned on the 50th edition of the Super Bowl as the game of football gave back to a guy who has given it so much.