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Tags Jason Bourne

Tag: Jason Bourne

The top 7 films Matt Damon has starred in

The top 7 best Matt Damon films are broken down to what makes them so great.

Matt Damon up in the air on more Jason Bourne

Matt Damon on Whether or Not He Would Be Up for Doing Another ‘Bourne’ Movie

‘Suicide Squad’ overcomes bad reviews for August Box Office record

DC Comics proved that a heavily marketed film with a large dedicated fanbase can overcome bad reviews this weekend with their "Suicide Squad." The supervillain packed film paid no attention to the scathing reviews

Matt Damon breathes new life into ‘Jason Bourne’ at box office

Universal learned that keeping Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass together for another "Jason Bourne" was a smart move after all the drama that ensued some years back.

Super Bowl 50 High Anticipation Low Return for Cam Newton’s Panthers Plus those ads

Everyone was betting on Carolina. All the experts were picking Cam and company. Good thing the powers that be decided to go ahead and play the game on the field anyway.

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