Kim Karashian’s Super Bowl 50 Lamar Odom treat & Bud Light Most Expensive Commercial

kim kardashian super bowl 50 gift for lamar odom a walk 2016 gossip

bud lights spends most on super bowl 50 commercial 2016 gossipHuge football stars and epic halftime performances aren’t the only thing that the Super Bowl is known for. Every year viewers tune in to see the elaborate commercials put on by some of the biggest companies in the world.

According to Fortune, a 30-second time slot during 2016’s Super Bowl cost upwards of $5 million. This is reportedly an 11% hike in relation to the 2015 costs of running an ad during the widely viewed televised sporting event. Therefore, it is not surprising that the companies who choose to shell out that kind of money are determined to make the most memorable commercial possible.

This year Bud Light is gaining lots of attention for their star-studded commercial. The beer company enlisted comedians Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer in an ad that is poking fun at all of the crazy politics going on the states right now.

In the clip, Amy and Seth claim they are forming the “Bud Light Party,” which is a political group centered around – you-guessed-it – Bud Light! The funny minute-long TV spot also features Paul Rudd and Michael Pena.

The best part of it comes right at the end as Amy announces in front a rally of Bud Light Party members, “America has seen the light.” In which Seth adds, “and there’s a Bud in front of it.”

Considering the company could have shelled out as much as $10 million to air the ad during this year’s Super Bowl, they definitely did a good job getting some of the biggest names in Hollywood to help their cause. You can check out the full unedited commercial here.

kim kardashian super bowl 50 gift for lamar odom a walk 2016 gossipMeanwhile, Kim Kardashian gifted fans and followers with an equally smile-worthy moment for Super Bowl Sunday.

Early on Sunday Kim posted a picture to her Instagram showing a peaceful hiking trail in California. Alongside the image, Kim captioned, “Super Soul Sunday time before Super Bowl Sunday time with Khloe & Lamar.” Evidently the reality star implied that Lamar went on a walk with them and thus is in a notably better state than what he was in towards the end of 2015.

Kim Kardashian, Instagram post:

kim kardashian super bowl 50 hike 2016 gossip

About two weeks ago Khloe and Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian did a guest spot on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Here, Kourtney wound up video-calling Khloe into the interview, where Khloe talked a bit about Lamar’s condition. Khloe explained, “[Lamar’s] doing really good. His long-term memory is great. His short-term memory isn’t so good, but if I met someone earlier today, I probably wouldn’t remember either, so that’s understandable. But he’s great.” Later in the interview, Kourtney gushed to Ellen that the family truly believes his recovery was a “miracle,” as his doctors initially believed he had less than four hours to live.

Needless to say, Lamar has a long road ahead of him, but he is definitely on the right path – both figuratively and literally.