NFL Winners and Losers Week 6: Cam Newton wins pout of the season

nfl winners and losers week 6 cam newton wins pout of the season 2016 images

NFL Winners and Losers Week 6: Cam Newton wins pout of the season 2016 images

There were a few NFL folks made to look a fool on Sunday. I’d prefer to leave those embarrassing moments out of our winners / losers post….but that wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Those who like to keep things positive, don’t worry. There are enough winners to balance this thing out in week six of NFL action.

rex ryan grown man of the nfl week

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Gotta hand it to Rex Ryan. Firing folks ain’t easy. But it sometimes works wonders. Better the OC than you, right Rex? Since Ryan sent his original offensive coordinator packing, his Bills have been lethal with the football. Shady McCoy has been the biggest beneficiary of the change.

cam newton loves a good panthers pout

Loser: Cam Newton just does not get it. He played fine in his return from his self-inflicted concussion. But his Panthers lost, again. And he was back to pouting like an eighth grader who lost a ball game. Dude needs to grow up and should stop mentoring college players until he gets his own mind right.

Winner: The Jags needed a win to give their fans some hope. Good thing they had the Bears on the schedule. Chicago was up 17-3 in the fourth quarter, but could not hold on. The Bears don’t have much going on either side of the ball. The Jags have talent, but can’t seem to string together more than one win at a time.

Loser:  The NFL is a brutal world. Does a lacerated kidney sound like a work related injury for you accountants and waste disposal workers out there? Not unless a serial killer attacks you on the job, right? Well, it happened to the Browns’ Jordan Poyer during the game. Football is no joke and certainly not a place where soft athletes will thrive. Get well soon my man.

Winner: Shady McCoy is a dangerous man right now. He put in a nice day’s work again with 140 yards on the ground and three scores. Nice bonus to do it in front of his old coach Chip Kelly. McCoy is doing just fine since they parted, while Kelly is head of the worst team in the League and seemingly trying to eat himself into a TLC show.

Loser: The Browns can’t win. They have bigger issues than damaged kidneys and 2-point conversion failures. They have no QB and very little talent at any other position.

carson wentz onboard nfl game

Winner: The Redskins welcomed Carson Wentz to the NFL properly. The rookie has had it pretty easy so far, but things are getting tough. Washington took him down with five sacks as Philly dropped another game.

colin kaepernick fighting off bills jerry hughes

Loser: Colin Kaepernick was not going to be a savior for the Niners. He took over the quarterback duties, yet the result is the same as with Blaine Gabbert running the offense. 13/29 are not the stats of a passing savior. San Francisco is now 1-5.

Winner: Brandin Cooks put on a show for Saints fans on Sunday as New Orleans picked Carolina’s once proud defense apart. Josh Norman is somewhere feeling really self-important right about now.

Loser: NFL players and fans. Mike Florio reported that the League is going to continue to push the 18 game schedule, even though it’s clear that 16 games is too much for these guys. Especially with concussions lingering two and three games for stars. And ending careers of others.

Winner: Golden Tate sucks. Oh, he had a hell of a game versus the Rams. Where was all that production before I dropped him from my fantasy roster? Where Golden!? FU and your 165 yards with a TD.

Loser: How does Pittsburgh lose to Miami? Big Ben had a woeful game and jacked his meniscus up, but that’s just part of the problem. They were not ready to play, period. If Big Ben misses much time going forward, this team is in deep trouble with no decent backup on hand.

Winner: Jay Ajayi is a bad boy come to find out. Maybe the Dolphins should have made him the feature back all along. He showed out to the tune of 204 yards and two scores, making Arian Foster an afterthought.

Loser: Julio Jones had a bad drop in the Seattle loss, but he and the Falcons got robbed on the no-call late in the fourth. Jones, a superstar, is supposed to get those calls, even late in the game. Both Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas III  were hanging on him as the ball came down.

To quote Rodney Harrison, “Why have the refs out there if they’re scared to make the calls (late in the game).”

draftkings weekly report thank you odell beckham jr 2015 nfl images

Winner: Odell Beckham went wild for 222 yards, giving him his best performance of the year so far. Sure he ripped his helmet off at one point so everyone could see who had made the biggest play of the game, but we’ll let that dumb move slide. But just for future reference ODB….we see you. No need to act a fool.

Loser: Aaron Rodgers sucked on Sunday versus Dallas. You don’t hear that much, but even the best in the biz can have an off day. His two turnovers were key, and his off game gives cheeseheads a glimpse of how this Packers club would fare with an average QB on a weekly basis.