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Nick Foles leads Eagles to Super Bowl 52 victory against Tom Brady’s Patriots 41-33

Underdog quarterback Nick Foles leads the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl 52 victory outdueling Patriots Tom Brady. What's next when franchise quarterback Carson Wentz takes back the quarterback helm next season?

Carson Wentz okay being Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader for Super Bowl

Carson Wentz may be going from an NFL MVP contender to Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader after his injury, but he's now helping Nick Foles and team get ready for Super Bowl 52 and those pesky New England Patriots.

NFL Winners and Losers Week 6: Cam Newton wins pout of the season

There were a few NFL folks made to look a fool on Sunday. I’d prefer to leave those embarrassing moments out of our winners / losers post....but that wouldn’t be any fun at all.

Carson Wentz shows NFL doubters they were wrong about him

Carson Wentz Impresses in NFL Regular Season Debut Against Browns Who Doubted Him

Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz not ready for week one

Philadelphia Eagles No. 2 Overall Pick Carson Wentz Likely Won’t be Ready for Week One

First Round Player Picks Rated and Graded: 2016 NFL Draft

Here are all the players chosen in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft Thursday night in Chicago. We've also included grades from reactions in the office and from all our readers feedback Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Number 1 draft pick quarterback Jared Goff ready to get Ram tough

The top two 2016 NFL Draft picks are ready and raring to get going with their new teams. Jared Goff was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams and Carson Wentz is heading east for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are hoping to wipe slates and minds of the Chip Kelly era.

2016 NFL Draft as it happens: Will Goff and Wentz learn from top draft pick pressure?

The NFL Draft is happening now, and we're here to give you the player by player updates as they happen. The first five selections of the 2016 NFL Draft have been made. Below is a live-updating draft tracker

Rams and Eagles make 2016 NFL Draft Year of the Quarterback again

With the last two Heisman Trophy winners going pro, the 2015 NFL Draft was a highly anticipated one. The story for months leading up to the NFL Draft was about where FSU quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will land.

Los Angeles Rams trade up top pick in 2016 NFL Draft: Carson Wentz or Jared Goff

Los Angeles Rams Trade Up to No. 1 Pick in 2016 NFL Draft After Huge Deal with Tennessee Titans

Teams Expected to Trade Up to No. 1 Pick for Cal QB Jared Goff

With about a month and a week to go before the 2016 NFL Draft, there’s still a lot to be decided. As the players make their closing arguments and try their best not to get arrested in the days leading up to the biggest night of their lives, California quarterback Jared Goff has begun to separate himself from the crowd

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