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NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers 2015



nfl winners losers week 2 tom brady images 2015You know you’re tired when you fall asleep watching the high octane NFL Red Zone. Luckily I didn’t miss much since I got my normal nap interrupting phone call soon after I dozed off. I tried to lock in on the Atlanta Falcons game, but finally figured out I wasn’t going to miss much by waiting for that game to pop up on the RZ.

Plenty of winners this week with Tom Brady looking like he is just continuing last season’s march to immortality. A major loser in Dallas will make things rough for the Boys the next 10 weeks or so.

The Giants are making a habit of blowing leads, thankfully for my Falcons. The G-Men may be in the losing bracket regularly the rest of the way.

I was planning on Jameis Winston being on the losing side for a few weeks after his ugly debut, but that didn’t work out like I thought. Let’s see if there are any more surprise winners or losers.

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Rex Ryan is a man’s man and knows how to own up to his shortcomings. It must be tough to admit being outcoached by another coach, especially the Hoodie. The Bills could have gave up after getting way behind the Patriots, but to their credit they fought back to make it a decent score at the end/

“I have to get better. Belichick outcoached me, no question about it. That’s how it ended up,” Ryan said. “Can’t give up 500 yards and turn it over three times. We did a horses— job and it’s my responsibility.

NFL Child of the Week: Jerry Jones, with good reason. He took the news of Tony Romo’s broken clavicle pretty well on camera, but I would guess he sobbed like a baby later in private. I would have. Losing Dez Bryant was bad enough, now his franchise QB could miss most of the season. No DeMarco Murray to take up the slack either.

Winner: Julio Jones is straight killing defenses so far this year. Dude had 13 catches on 15 targets versus the Giants. He had one touchdown that was reversed as he was down on about the one yard line. Not only is Jones killing it on the field but he is getting nice in the fantasy world. He is on pace to have the type of season that would make him the best wide out in the NFL. And for all the Odell Beckham Jr. fans, Jones was the best receiver on the field on Sunday.

Loser: Dallas.  This club seems to be jinxed. I don’t know if Jerry Jones kills baby seals on the weekends or what. From last year’s awful call in the playoffs that cost them the game against Green Bay, to this year with Dez Bryant going down and now Tony Romo is out with an injury as well. Dallas fans better buckle in for a rocky next few weeks.

Winner: Jameis Winston.  I hate giving Winston any credit at all but I have no choice this week. He made a major comeback from his first week’s debacle of a debut. I won’t be buying a Winston jersey anytime soon but this was a nice win for the Bucs and Winston.

Kevin Durant off to build his legacy

Loser: Houston’s defense. I just dropped the Texans defense in my fantasy league if that tells you anything. Two games in and I’m convinced they are mediocre as a group even though they have the NFL’s best defender in JJ Watt. They got beat by a weaponless Panthers team. Having Ryan Mallett at QB is no help, but he wouldn’t have to throw it 58 times if the defense was doing their job.

2014 NFL Week 17 Recap: Denver & New England Playoffs

Winner: Carson Palmer is lighting up the scoreboard so far in 2015. He got four more touchdown passes notched on his belt yesterday against the Bears. Three went to Larry Fitzgerald. Palmer was one of the few fantasy brightspots in my league.

Loser: DeMarco Murray. I’m not sure Philadelphia’s line is interested in playing professional football. Murray was repeatedly tackled for a loss yesterday against Dallas. The Eagles fans were booing most of the game and the O-line is to blame for most of those offensive embarrassments. Murray had 2 yards on 13 carries…not a typo!

Winner: Tom Brady. The Golden Boy is taking up just where he left off last year. He blasted the Bills with 466 yards passing, three TDs and zero INTs.

Loser: Jamaal Charles had a great game last Thursday night, but cost his team the game with his fumble in the waning minutes. That turnover let Peyton off the hook as he and the Denver offense capitalized after the Denver quarterback’s up and down game.

Winner: Justin Houston deserves the big check he gets each week from Kansas City. He added two more sacks against Denver on TNF. I barely remember this guy’s college playing career at UGA, but he has done what is necessary to excel in the pros.

Loser: Even though Brandon Weeden doesn’t even need to warm up when a QB emergency hits, he is going to be a loser over the next few weeks. The backup quarterback usually has a sweet gig standing on the sidelines. Now everyone who watches football will know just how incapable Weeden is as he tries to fill in for Tony Romo, especially without Dez to help him out. I hope I’m wrong and we get a feel good story as Weeden leads his team to a decent record in the time his services are needed.

Winner: Ben Roethlisberger. His three TDs helped bring San Francisco back to reality after their impressive opener last week

Loser: Chip Kelly is looking more like a buffoon than a genius these days. Get that college resume ready coach.

Winner: Derek Carr led his Raiders to a comeback win in a shootout with Baltimore. This kid could actually help turn this desperate franchise around sooner rather than later.

Loser: Bills fans who were trying to set a record for loudest crowd noise. It felt like the team was trying to help Tom Brady set the record for most yards against an allegedly stout defense.

Loser: Me. See my week two fantasy results and you will understand.