NFL Week 14 Preview 2014: Ready For Tony Romo To Choke Again Plus Predictions

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nfl 2015 logo image

Well, it’s December. Time for the competitors to really step up, the northern teams to freeze, and Tony Romo to choke like it’s the game-winning drive. Here’s the Week 14 match ups:

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins: Baltimore lost a close one to the Chargers, while Miami nearly blew it against the Jets of all teams. Baltimore has a lot of experience in big games, and with their division as tight as it is this is as big as it gets. Ravens win.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals just don’t look good this season. They’re inconsistent, and it seems like giving Andy Dalton more money actually made him worse (if that’s even possible). The Bengals barely survived in Tampa Bay, so the Steelers should be able to bounce back from last week’s home loss for a big win here.

Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns: The Browns decided to stick with Brian Hoyer despite his recent struggles. Andrew Luck has started very slow the last few weeks. In Cleveland, the Browns defense should be able to do enough to stop Luck from catching fire. That’s right, I’m calling three upsets in three games this week—Browns win.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville actually won last week, but all that does is ruin their chance at the first overall pick. The Texans are coming off a week in which Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for six touchdowns. Neither of these teams are as good as they looked last week, but the Texans aren’t the Jags. J.J. Watt will tear up Blake Bortles. Texans win.

New York Giants at Tennessee Titans: The Giants blew a huge lead last week against the Jaguars, but I’m calling bookie magic. Over 90% of the nation bet on the Giants, so Vegas would have lost too much money. This week, neither team is favored; thus the Giants win.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints: The Saints seem to have gotten their offense back, and the Panthers still can’t find their team. The Saints won in Carolina, so a victory in New Orleans should be no problem. Saints win.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions: The Buccaneers look really bad on offense, and the Lions have a great defense. The Bucs will be lucky to score, and Calvin Johnson will have no problem scoring. Lions win.

St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins: Colt McCoy did well, but the Redskins defense blew it for him. The Rams just beat the Raiders 52-0, so they are in the perfect position to be upset. Provided McCoy plays well, Redskins upset the Rams.

New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings: The Jets lost by 35 a few weeks ago, and then this past Monday they almost beat the Dolphins. No one knows what to expect, but everyone knows they’ll lose in the end. Vikings win.

Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos: The Bills won big against Cleveland, but they just don’t have the squad necessary to matchup with the Broncos. Peyton Manning has too many options. Broncos win.

Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals: Both teams were hot heading into the last two weeks, and both teams fell flat on their facemasks. The Cardinals have home field, so I give them the nod. Cardinals win.

San Francisco at Oakland Raiders: The Raiders got blasted last week, so fans will probably start selling their tickets to Niner fans. The Raiders want to bounce back against a struggling Colin Kaepernick, but that might be a stretch. It may be close, but the 49ers pull out the victory.

Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles: The Seahawks haven’t done well on the road this season despite their impressive victory in San Francisco. The Eagles have had this game marked for a while. Chip Kelly would love to show his stuff against the Legion of Boom. Eagles win.

New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers: The Patriots haven’t played well on the road this season, but in the end nothing can slow down Rob Gronkowski. Patriots win.

Atlanta Falcons at Green bay Packers: Green Bay pulled off a great win at home against the Patriots, and Atlanta is certainly not the Patriots. The Packers should have this game wrapped up by halftime. Packers win.