NFL Week 13 Recap 2014: Redskins New Swagger with Colt McCoy

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I’m back! Sorry for the wait. It was another game day full of surprises in the NFL. The Jaguars cost themselves a chance at Marcus Mariota, and the Raiders looked like they want to lose for him. Here’s the rest of Week 13 in the NFL:

Washington Redskins 27 at Indianapolis Colts 49: It’s hard to believe this game was close at one point. The Redskins had a new swagger with Colt McCoy under center, but then the defense gave up. Andrew Luck got very lucky as three of his five easy touchdowns were from 48, 73, and 79 yards out. Poor Redskins. Even when they fix their offense, the defense gives out.

Tennessee Titans 21 at Houston Texans 45: Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for six touchdowns, and hell froze over. J.J. Watt caught one of the touchdowns the play after he stripped and recovered a fumble on a sack. There is no reason that Watt should not win MVP this season. He is by far the best and most consistent player in the NFL this season.

Cleveland Browns 10 at Buffalo Bills 26: The NFL was blessed with Johnny Manziel for the first time this regular season. The Bills weren’t ready for him; however, Brian Hoyer had dug such a deep hole for the Browns that Manziel could only do so much. Manziel should be the starter moving forward, and his legs will certainly make him a threat to defenses.

San Diego Chargers 34 at Baltimore Ravens 33: Still not sure how the Chargers managed this. Philip Rivers looked horrible for most of the season, and him and the Chargers looked really bad in the beginning of this game. However, Rivers turned it around. Rivers finished with 383 yards and three touchdowns in the victory, including the game winning touchdown at the end.

New York Giants 24 at Jacksonville Jaguars 25: I felt bad for Tom Coughlin before this game, but now it’s just amplified. The Giants are on a seven game losing skid, have 18 players on Injured Reserve, and for some reason everyone feels the need to blame Coughlin. The Giants really suck this season, and the Jags just ruined their chance at the first overall pick. Other than that, this game has no real significance.

Cincinnati Bengals 14 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13: This game was way too close for the Bengals. They may go on to win the division again, but no way Andy Dalton gets his first playoff win this season. Speaking of Dalton, he’s really bad at football. 176 yards, three interceptions, and $100 million later, the Bengals barely beat the Buccaneers in a low scoring affair.

Oakland Raiders 0 at St. Louis Rams 52: Let’s not get hung up on this game. The Raiders have one win, so they don’t have to worry about going 0-16. The score was 38-0 at halftime…

New Orleans Saints 35 at Pittsburgh Steelers 32: This game was not as close as the score might indicate as two of the Steelers touchdowns came in garbage time (the latter of the two came with only four seconds left in the game). Ben Roethlisberger had big yardage; however, it was his two interceptions that really cost his team the game. Drew Brees finally looked like himself, finishing with 257 yards and five touchdowns.

Carolina Panthers 13 at Minnesota Vikings 31: This game was never close. Carolina had two punts blocked in this game, and just like that Minnesota had a 21-0 lead. The Panthers actually did well on offense, outgaining the Vikings by about 140 yards; however, they were never able to overcome the early deficit.

Arizona Cardinals 18 at Atlanta Falcons 29: Who could have guessed it? The Cardinals may have just blown their divisional lead over the Seahawks, which means despite their poor play this season the Seahawks may just make it back to the Super Bowl after all (provided they play all of their playoff games at home). The Falcons are also still the best of the worst in the NFC South, but who really cares.

New England Patriots 21 at Green Bay Packers 26: Rob Gronkowski can’t win every game for you. The Patriots defense really did well, but Gronkowski and Julian Edelman had a hard time getting open most of the night. Tom Brady can’t do anything without wide open receivers to throw to, so he had a lot of incompletions and only 245 yards. The Packers just outlasted the Patriots in this game.

Denver Broncos 29 at Kansas City Chiefs 16: Peyton Manning didn’t have his best game of the season, but the Broncos still won. Wait what. The team that literally relies solely on Peyton actually came to play this weekend. The defense stepped up, the special teams looked somewhat competent, and the running game of C.J. Anderson was outstanding. Unfortunately for the Chiefs that means another loss. Sorry Andy Reid.

Miami Dolphins 16 at New York Jets 13: At least the Jets are still trying right? They were actually winning at halftime 10-3. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, both of their teams ended up losing in the end. Geno Smith finished with 65 yards and an interception, so at least we can all get a good laugh out of the game.

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