Donald Trump proves women are second hand citizens

We live in a world where women are more educated than ever before although you’d never know it from Donald Trump. I am not just speaking about the leaps and bounds women of color have made with regards to gaining equality. I mean all women, of all backgrounds, are the smartest, most advanced and successful women that have ever walked the planet. We have more opportunities and continue to make unprecedented contributions in every industry across the globe. We are badass, and because we are badass, there is no way in hell we can let the most recent revelation about GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump pass. This is the last straw!

We have come to a place with this election where there is no man-splaining that can make Trump’s rape culture comments about grabbing women by the pussy acceptable. His exacts words while on a tour of the soap opera Days of our Lives (DOL) back in 2005 were,

“When you’re a star, you can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

I do not believe he spoke in jest because he sounded pretty serious to me. I will not chalk up his grotesque behavior to “men being men” either. Where’s the responsibility for their words and actions in that? He is the worst kind of sexist misogynist because he doesn’t even try to filter himself. He is loud and proud with his. Women, along with a slew of other minority groups, would be grossly affected by a Trump administration. We cannot allow a Trump administration.

He said a lot of other things in numerous Howard Stern interviews from the early 2000’s as well as during his DOL tour. And all of his words equate to a man okay with objectifying his own daughter and demeaning women. Don’t think so? What man would let another man call his daughter a “piece of ass” to his face? One who see no harm in speaking about women in that manner.

The existence of rape culture is something that people deny. They dismiss it like they dismiss racism in America. But just like every killing of an unarmed black person is further proof of our racism problem, every time a man, in particular, one like Trump, freely brags about fucking married women (at times against their will) it is further evidence of a culture that views violence against women “not a big deal.” Is this who we really want running our country? A country that so many say is in need of being “great again.”

Women are smarter than to let Trump’s “in your face” sexism slide. Or at least I’d like to believe so. We must be offended by the easy way people joke about rape. You don’t have to be a victim of sexual assault to speak up about it. In fact, if you allow someone around you to allude to rape in any derogatory way, that’s not okay.

The country is at a crucial crossroad merely one month before millions of Americans cast their votes for a new commander in chief. Women can make a difference. As a popular meme says, “November 8th, pussy grabs back.” Cast your vote. Not for the independent, Gary Johnson, because as many political experts have pointed out, that will only give the election to Trump by splitting the votes. But for the candidate that actually has a supported plan of action for us that she can articulate during presidential debates.

Along with that, men have to take a stand on this one too. Now I know there’s a good possibility I saying this into the wind because most men voting for Trump probably think like Trump. Therefore they don’t believe he’s in the wrong. But for those who understand how problematic his stance about women are, reconsider voting for him.

What you have to understand is that this kind of thinking, which is not new AT ALL for Trump, is not isolated to his opinions about women. Men like Trump, who feel that their celebredom enables them to do whatever they want, make decisions based on what’s good for them above all else. We need a leader who has the ability to look at the big picture and make good decisions that affect the majority in a positive way. Their rich friends can’t be the only ones benefiting.

Trump is a man out of control. He can’t even give a meaningful apology for what he said. But I guess it’s hard to say sorry when you don’t really mean it. Trump had no choice but to say something remorseful about his comments. In his 90 second taped apology, he claims that the statements in the “decade-old video” are not reflective of who he is and his time on the presidential trail has changed him. Bologna! I know men like him. He thinks he can gloss over this incident with a conventional, heartless “I’m sorry.” The way he read the teleprompter too just proves that admitting wrong is beneath him. I’ am convinced that he believes he’s immune to the consequences of negativity. He believes that by giving the people what they want, we will forget it. There’s no forgetting this one buddy.

Donald Trump is making a joke out of our democratic system. Not that it holds that much weight with constituents or other countries right now thanks to the election. But allowing this woman hating, entitled, self-centered, out of touch with the real world, dishonest, only in it for the thrill of a man into office would be one of the darkest moments in American history.

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5 Stupidest Excuses for Donald Trump’s ‘Grab em’ Comment:

As a great bookend for this article, here are 5 of the craziest excuses Trump and his supporters are coming up with to explain away his actions. Naturally, if this had been Hillary Clinton, these same people would be crucifying her. That’s the wonderful world of hypocrisy in politics.

5. “This tape is so old. But what about the Clintons?”

The GOP’s best and most popular option at this point is to simultaneously say “that video is 11 years old and people change,” while also saying Bill Clinton was no saint in the 90s and that is on Hillary. It’s the best option, because yeah, Bill is a dirty dog. However, it relies on forgetting a 10-year-old incident in favor of decades-old ones and believing Hillary collaborated with Bill in some kind of Cruel Temptations-like scheme to assault women.

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4. “Everything is going exactly as planned.”

If you’re not familiar with Bill Mitchell, the Tony Robbins knockoff and radio host is Trump’s most Pollyannish supporter. He’s also a favorite among liberal twitter comedians for being the platonic ideal of a target. He had a great day yesterday in which the Trump story barely even happened.

3.  It was just “Locker room banter.”

Actually a part of Donald’s real apology, he described the open-air conversation he had on a studio lot in front of cameras with a celebrity he just met as “locker room banter.” Trump also said “Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close.” Not only does this mean that the best he can do is that he’s also bragged about sexual assault with Bill Clinton (if true), but that Trump would be comfortable telling any and all dudes that he enjoys grabbing women’s unsuspecting genitals. This is not a good defense.

2. “He was a Democrat, but he got better.”

You can’t even get mad at this one as it just makes your head feel fuzzy. Washington State GOP chair Susan Hutchinson strips the paint off the competition with the creativity of this answer.

1. “But just wait until people get a load of this King David guy.”

Literally bringing comedians’ jokes to life, Sean Hannity cited the biblical example of King David on his nightly Fox News show. If you’re not familiar with King David, the Israelite monarch slew Goliath as a young man but was more famous in his elder years for having 500 concubines.

People have since pointed out several flaws in this excuse. Specifically, that owning 500 women as sex objects is not considered “cool” anymore. Also, debauched monarchs are not really America’s thing as a shining light of democracy. Also (as life has shown most of us reasonable folks), the Bible is not always 100% historically accurate. Also, it was 3100 years ago and times have changed just a little bit, even by GOP standards.