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Tags Rape Culture

Tag: Rape Culture

Who will actually step up to deal with rape culture?

Now that so many famous men have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct, who is going to begin setting standards to stop rape culture?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jenni Weinman’s rape culture promotion

How can we stop rape culture when women like White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Jenni Weinman continue helping to promote it?

Lena Dunham only perpetuates the rape culture problem

Lena Dunham loves to preach feminism but when put to the task when it matters, she continuously fails as a preacher.

How white women exposed Hollywood’s sexual predators

As Jane Fonda said it took famous white women to expose the decades of sexual abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein which exposes the fact that classism exists even in rape culture.

Mayim Bialik’s 1950’s feminism explains how rape culture thrived

"The Big Bang Theory's" Mayim Bialik definitely gives a very different perspective to feminism; one reminiscent to when Donald Trump was growing up.

Normalizing rape culture kept Harvey Weinstein going for 30 years

Hollywood has been famous for the casting couch, but society has also normalized rape culture so much that someone like Harvey Weinstein went 30 years without getting caught.

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