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‘American Crime’ 205 Rough Sex Consent & Texts

This week "American Crime" does a 180 with episode five as the police start to take the rape of Taylor Blaine seriously and Coach Sullivan quits as a show of support for the young man.
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‘American Crime’ 204 All About the Rape

Plot twist coming from episode four of "American Crime." But first here are three takeaways from this week's show.
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‘American Crime’ 203 Falling Apart & Reverse Race Cards

As the show opened, the journalist that Anne contacted is talking to Graham and getting the facts. The facts are just as Graham has skewed them, complete with Anne's signed statement.
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‘American Crime’ 202 Rape Kit

I can’t wait to see the ratings overall for season two of "American Crime." It will be interesting to see how many folks stick with it considering the content isn't for the mainstream crowd
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‘American Crime’ 201 Too good for network tv

ABC is making a lot of viewers uncomfortable with their second season of "American Crime." As I was told before I started covering this show, "You would expect something like this on HBO."