‘American Crime’ 207 Things just get nastier

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American Crime Season 2 Episode 7

What happened this week on American Crime?

What didn’t happen is the better question. Things got nastier than they were already, which was hard to imagine going in.

Here’s three things that didn’t occur in episode seven:

3. Eric’s little brother did not take a proper step in becoming the next Banksy.

2. Coach Sullivan’s daughter did not give any discounts on her sack of drugs.

1. Dr. Leslie Graham definitely did not fall on the sword for the sake of the school and the rest of those involved in the assault on Taylor.

The show started with some good ole fashion hate, as Peter, who’s an angry little punk, spray painted “God hates fags” on the side of his school.

He didn’t even pay for the damn paint.

Graham is seen with Evy’s dad offering him a bribe in the form of tuition money to make all this trouble go away. For the girl’s own benefit, of course, is how the headmistress spins this. The money can actually be used for anything, so the dad is seeing a way to help his very sick wife.

A similar offer is coming to Taylor supposedly.

Someone has released Anne’s medical records to the press illegally. I’m guessing it was Michael LaCroix who was looking for an edge last week. The journalist working with Anne does write the proper story with the headline saying someone is trying to shame Anne Blaine.

The journalist asks Coach Sullivan point blank if he’s bothered by the fact that someone illegally released Anne’s medical records. He will not remove his blinders though and simply does not care.

The coach does know how all this is setting up as Dr. Graham builds up a wall around herself as she throws him and everyone else to the wolves. He sneaks into her office later in the episode, and it’ll be interesting what he turned up.

american crime 207 connor jessup 2016

We see the result of Taylor’s beating from the last episode. The basketball team put a hurting on the kid, and he’s at the end of his rope.

Meanwhile, all this publicity finally hurts Terri LaCroix who’s boss suggests she take some time off until all this blows over.

Who can you call when your head’s aching, and you’re emotionally wrecked from being attacked twice by the basketball team? The basketball coach’s daughter of course. She’s the school pharmacist evidently. Her mom seems to have a plentiful supply that the girl steals from to sell to her “friends.”

Taylor says he wants to hang out with her, but she gives him a lip test and knows he’s not into her at all.

The computer repairman from last week is named Sebastian. He contacts Anne after seeing the news article about the leaked medical records which tell of her mental breakdown when Taylor was a kid.

Sebastian says, “Someone needs to pay for what’s happening to your son.”

Sebastian is playing the role of an Anonymous type crusader who’s going to uncover what the school is hiding as well as anything Taylor’s abusers have or had on their phones relating to the attacks. That’s my guess anyway.

How are these parents supposed to handle any of this? Anne tried to do her best for her kid, and that blew up in her face. The coach has no idea about his daughter’s illegal activities. The LaCroixs seem to have done everything they could to build a great life, yet their kid went off track anyway.

And Eric’s parents are totally lost, with his mom wishing he was dead and his father absolutely drowning in all this shit.

Eric heads off for some mini-van love with an older dude he just met. That turns bad in a hurry as the old guy assaults him after tiring of the kid’s sad stories. Eric ends up getting the best of the older guy and may have even shanked the mini-van driving nut.

I thought the worst had happened to Taylor when he took the pistol from his foster dad’s room. I was sure he capped himself in the woods, but he was just blowing off some steam shooting at a tree. Not good to have a loaded gun while all pilled up though.

He finally has something to write in his journal, jotting down the names of Eric, Kevin, Wes, and Dr. Graham. These are the ones he blames most for what happened to him and for what’s being said about his mom.

Taylor appears ready to kill Graham as he waits in the lobby of Leyland. He is finally shown some sympathy from someone at Leyland when the secretary says she and others feel like he got treated unfairly. After watching some dance practice, Taylor runs out of the school leaving his journal behind.

He runs right into one of his assailants, Wes from the basketball team. The guy grabs Taylor, shakes him, and tells him he will kill him if he ratted.

Next thing you know, Wes is bleeding out on the sidewalk. Good.

What avenues were left to Taylor?

Wes had been a part of two assaults on this kid and had just threatened to kill him. Taylor was left to defend himself with no help from the authorities to this point. Wes was a bully and deserved what he got though this will ruin Taylor’s life completely now.

Anne nearly wrecks herself legally when she lies to the cops about knowing where her son is. She eventually calls them back for fear that Taylor is going to off himself right then and there.

What a destructive episode! All these lives crushed because of what happened at the Captains’ Party.

The next three episodes will see even more lives destroyed. Hopefully, Graham’s will be one of them.