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‘American Crime’ 210 Satisfying Open End for finale with choices to be made

The season finale of American Crime was messy for each and every character. No fairy tale endings here. If you were expecting one, then you may be the most optimistic person in the country.

‘American Crime’ 209 Hacking for Heroes

With the finale of American Crime coming next week, episode nine saw Taylor being resigned to a life in jail. We also saw Graham's fortunes take a turn, while Coach Sullivan tries to will his family back to normal.

‘American Crime’ 208 Taylor & Eric’s prison

This week's American Crime went deeper into the subject matter with interview segments from parents and teachers who've experienced the tragedies of season two so far. There were teachers from Columbine, as well as students who were bullied for being gay

‘American Crime’ 207 Things just get nastier

What happened this week on American Crime? What didn't happen is the better question. Things got nastier than they were already

‘American Crime’ 206 Lives Unraveling

Unraveling. That's what's happening to almost every single person's life in this series. Each week gets worse for each character, the good ones and the bad.

‘American Crime’ 205 Rough Sex Consent & Texts

This week "American Crime" does a 180 with episode five as the police start to take the rape of Taylor Blaine seriously and Coach Sullivan quits as a show of support for the young man.

‘American Crime’ 204 All About the Rape

Plot twist coming from episode four of "American Crime." But first here are three takeaways from this week's show.

‘American Crime’ 203 Falling Apart & Reverse Race Cards

As the show opened, the journalist that Anne contacted is talking to Graham and getting the facts. The facts are just as Graham has skewed them, complete with Anne's signed statement.

‘American Crime’ 202 Rape Kit

I can’t wait to see the ratings overall for season two of "American Crime." It will be interesting to see how many folks stick with it considering the content isn't for the mainstream crowd

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