‘American Crime’ 206 Lives Unraveling

american crime 206 lives unravelling 2016 imagesv

american crime 206 lives unravelling 2016 imagesv

American Crime Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Unraveling. That’s what’s happening to almost every single person’s life in this series. Each week gets worse for each character, the good ones and the bad.

Three quick takes on episode six:

  1. – Terri LaCroix gets her first pass from the police this week in regards to the Blaine case.
  2. – Her kid brainstorms a way to actually make things worse for the basketball team.
  3. – Kevin’s mom is now in the running for the worst person on the show.

This week’s American Crime episode opens with a disgusted look from Peter at his brother Eric. Lil bro doesn’t even want to ride in the same vehicle with the guy who was once his idle.

Eric’s all set to get back on the basketball court as Coach Sullivan tells his team they have to welcome back one of their own as Eric makes his return to school. This doesn’t go over well, and one of the boys brings up the “gay guy watching us shower thing.”

We see the slimy Headmistress Graham making more moves to handle public perception. She’s getting pushback from a guy named Don, who may have been the teacher-bully that caused the school to settle with the parent who met with Anne about her case.

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Graham is even looking for a writer to spin Eric’s story in order to show him and Leyland in a positive light.

While Graham pulls every dirty trick in the book, Anne is desperate to get the school into court. Not for financial gain. She intends to expose all their misdeeds. Evy is the only witness besides Taylor, so her role will be pivotal as the case moves forward.

Taylor has himself a boyfriend. This guy doesn’t even believe Taylor was raped, saying “You got what you wanted at the party.” Not a real supportive partner as Taylor tries to follow his therapist’s orders by writing in a journal.

Graham isn’t quite as confident as we’ve seen her so far in this series. She knows Anne wants them to “bleed in court.” While Taylor’s afraid his mom has become obsessed with fighting the school and it’s not a healthy thing for her life given her past issues.

Marshall High School is a hot mess with a growing protest over the Latino boys’ suspension. Principal Dixon now has to deal with a teacher who kinda joins the protest as he simply takes time off, knowing the teachers’ union will back him if Dixon pushes back.

Returning to school is a jolt for Eric. He can’t just fit back in quietly. The guy is making a speech in front of the entire school. The gym complete with signs of support and guys rolling their eyes.

The sign with the most irony states, “Real men stand up for each other.” This must be a new ideal since the entire basketball team not only failed to help a weaker kid at the party but reveled in his embarrassment.

Graham’s private sit down with Eric goes horribly wrong. Almost as bad as Eric’s interview with the writer she hand picked. It’s clear Eric wants no part of this process and even gets off a “faggot” blast as he speaks with the writer.

The kid did warn Graham that he had no experience as the openly gay athlete poster boy she envisioned. Graham had to beg the writer to keep that gay slur out of the piece.

She’d best get used to groveling as her plan comes undone.

Taylor puts his therapist’s suggestions to work when he talked to his foster dad about yelling “Queers” repeatedly at the NFL game the two attended in the past. Taylor is trying to confront the things he’s dealing with.

We get a clue as to part of what may make Eric a bad guy. His mom actually wishes her oldest son had been successful at his suicide attempt. Not so much because she believes he’s a rapist (she does), but mainly because the boy she gave birth to is gay.

“They don’t get better,” she tells her estranged hubby. Then asks him if he ever touched Eric as a kid! Wow. This lady is a loon.

Oh and she thinks a heavier dose of church would have kept Eric on Team Heterosexual.

Anne is suing these two parents as well. Even though they have nothing to take. Again, Anne wants everyone to bleed openly.

We see a computer repairman who’s sending messages to someone about “finding out what it feels like to be assaulted.” We don’t see who this is directed to, however.

Terri Lacroix loses her cool when she decides to verbally attack Anne at her workplace, calling her kid a whore. Her cop buddies merely ask Terri to leave. No charges and not even a warning.

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The show wraps with Eric being frozen out of the basketball game and also the dinner afterward. His team does include him later. But that’s only to lure Taylor to the rec center where the team can beat the piss outta Taylor for causing all this trouble.

This beating was mildly suggested by team leader Kevin, who of course took no part in the actual violence. Kevin should be smart enough to know this will come back on him. But if he’s good enough at basketball, he’ll still go on to play in college no matter how this case concludes.

Kevin’s dad employs similar tactics as he asks a cop friend to help dig up dirt on the Blaine family. Michael LaCroix feels the need to do something about all this trouble and the legal moves to get their son in the clear have been ineffective.

Next week we’ll see the after effects of the beating Taylor endured. The previews looked dire, to say the least.