kids playing on air pogo extreme 2015 hottest toys xmas

Air Pogo Extreme Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

Defying the laws of gravity is a thought that is relished by many, not just kids. With the Air Pogo Extreme, this is actually possible. You can bounce, swing, twist, twirl, fly, float, jump and spring, and have extreme fun with this pogo on a rope!
halo 5 guardians hot holiday toys 2015

Halo 5: Guardians 2015 Hottest Holiday Gamer Gifts

Without a doubt, Halo is hands down one of the most successful video game series of all time.
lammily doll review 2015

Lammily Dolls Review: 2015 Hottest Girls Toys For Xmas

There was a time when the only “doll” that we knew of was Barbie. Of course, that is no longer the case, as more dolls joined her. One of the recent dolls to join the fray is Lammily, and she is the most realistic we have seen so far!
Kids Playing In All New Slime Baff 2015 hottest kids toys

Slime Baff Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

For many, bathing in slime may not be the most appealing idea, but if you are a child, the idea is one that denotes something fun. Just by sprinkling the powder called Slime Baff on bath water, you can turn it into gooey and fun slime
anki overdrive review images 2015

Anki Overdrive Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Boys Toys

Anki Drive gets an upgrade in the Anki Overdrive, the second generation game system of Anki’s track-based racing toy that can be controlled using an iPhone or an Android phone.
ez grip super ball 2015 hottest xmas kids toys

E-Z Grip Super Grip Hi Bounce Ball Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Kids Toys

There isn’t a toy more versatile than a ball. Get your hands on a ball and you can come up with various games and activities with it, whether by yourself or with a group of people. However, with the inflatable E-Z Grip Ball, the possibilities have become seemingly endless!
star wars furby furbacca 2015 hottest kids toys

Furby’s Furbacca Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

Star Wars fans, rejoice! There is another Star Wars-themed toy to accompany those lightsabers, Darth Vader costumes and Yoda action figures in your collection! It’s Furbacca, which is inspired by everyone’s favorite Wookie, Chewbacca!
crush it baseball bat review 2015 hottest kids toys

Crush It! Baseball Bat Review: 2015 Hottest Kids Toys

Aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player aside, a bat can provide hours of fun and fulfilling physical activity. But if the bat is more than your average bat, it is even more enjoyable! The Crush It! bat is an innovative take on your classic bat
ubertub 2015 hottest xmas kids toys images

Ubertub Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

Rubber tubes will never go out of style, but sometimes, you need to shake things up a bit, just to keep them from being boring. Then came Ubertub, a new and modified take on the classic rubber inner tubes that we grew up with
iron man 3 mark II egg attack review images 2015

Egg Attack Iron Man 3 Mark II Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Kids Toys

Here’s something to smile about: the Iron Man 3 Mark II gets a special floating edition, which means you will have the figure floating on your desktop! This magnetic version is called the Iron Man 3 Mark II Egg Attack