Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit: Hot Toys for Boys and Girls

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit boys girls hot toys

Toys today have come a long way in terms of features and possibilities. STEM toys have become particularly popular, helping children to learn core subjects in a fun and entertaining way.

This Kano Harry Potter coding kit is a classic example of how awesome STEM toys can be. Great for boys aged 6 and over, this magical gift is sure to keep them entertained for hours. It’s potentially one of the most fun coding toys on the market, and you can get a great price on it here.

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Build a magical wand

The first step in this magical kit, is to build the wand. All wand parts are included in the box, along with a step-by-step booklet, PCB with codable LED, stickers and a poster. Just putting the wand together is heaps of fun. However, once it’s built, that’s when the real fun starts.

Harry Potter Wand kit for young boys
Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Learn to code in over 70 steps

The main objective of this magic wand kit is to teach your child to code. It does this in over 70 easy-to-follow steps. There are challenges for your child to complete, including making feather’s fly, making pumpkins grow, multiplying goblets and creating fire flow.

The kit does require either a tablet or a computer in order to use the free Kano app. It’s a good idea to make sure your tablet is compatible too. They will be able to see the code behind over 700,000 creations, enabling them to tweak it to make the creation their own. This provides a remarkable level of entertainment.

Make magic on screen

When the wand is waved, it creates instant effects on the screen. There’s over 200 sounds, music and spell motions to experiment with. Your child will have hours of fun making magic on screen.

You’ll love watching their little face light up as they easily create magic. To a child, there’s nothing more exciting than magic!

Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit in action for boys holiday gifts
Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

Endless play possibilities

As if the other awesome features of this kit weren’t enough, there are also endless play possibilities. In Playground mode, you can code your very own creations, and play along with these creations with people all over the world thanks to the Kano World community.

If you’re looking for a toy that your child is sure to play with for months to come, this is definitely one to consider. It features one of the most popular children’s characters – Harry Potter, making it an instant hit with young boys who love the series. It also has a fantastic magical element that all kids are sure to enjoy. You can find a magical price for this here.