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voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers 2018 images

Voting machines still vulnerable according to hackers

With 2018 mid-term elections coming in November, a disturbing new report shows that voting machines in 23 states can easily be hacked. This report came from the hackers that were able to breach them.
pokemon go knowing the basics of the phenomenon 2016 images

Understanding Pokemon Go: Knowing the Basics

By now, everyone in the world (Japan just got it today) know that Pokemon Go is all the rage. There may be millions of people who are playing it and running around catching Pikachus and finding PokeStops
tim cook brings on ipad maxi or maxipad 2015

Apple’s Max-iPad Aims to Scratch Surface

The iPad, which revolutionized consumer computing by popularizing the tablet form, is currently at a crossroads due to slow sales which in turn is due to a saturated tablet market.
PC Industry if it aint broke 2015 tech images

PC Industry: If It Ain’t Broke…

About ten years ago, I needed to fix a real-estate issue and had to pay a visit to the office of my mother’s lawyer. That was about five years or so after the introduction of Windows XP. Lo and behold, the lawyer’s secretary was still using a 286-based computer running DOS 4 and Wordstar 6.
can edward snowden really be forgotten 2015

Forgetting Edward Snowden

Has the US made Americans forget about Edward Snowden? For any country heavily invested in national security such as the United States, the country will benefit in making one of its most popular whistleblowers disappear from the public eye and mind.
how is cloud affecting personal computer 2015 tech

How will the cloud change personal computers?

Over the last couple of years we have seen the adoption of cloud computing within the business sector and we have seen it change the computing landscape drastically.
gears of war ultiamte edition

What I’m Playing Now: Gears of War, I Am Bread, The Order 1886

My gaming addiction this week was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, I Am Bread, Smash 4 and The Order 1886. Some oldies but very goodies!
googles digital death on pixel and facebook promises to do better 2016 images

Google’s digital death on Pixel and Facebook promises to do better, again

We all know that Google is the big bad gorilla in the online search space, and they are making sure that people know they'll pay a price if they violate their rules. By cutting offending users off from all Google services
keeping smartphones safe from hackers and malware tech 2015

How to keep your smartphone safe from hackers & malware

The first reaction to the thought of smartphone virus protection is quite often laughter – of course you can’t get viruses on phones? Well in fact that statement is incorrect; you can most definitely get viruses and malware on your mobile or smartphone and the fact that people are often not aware of that makes the problem far worse.

Apple TV now worth getting after iTunes video upgrade

We weren't big fans of the Apple TV, but now that iTunes has done such an amazing video upgrade, we can place the streaming device in the same league as Roku and the Fire TV Stick.

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