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Why the Nokia 3310 Stole the Show at MWC

Several tech sites reported that the rebooted Nokia 3310 earned plenty of cheers when it was revealed at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Is it really due to a powerful sense of nostalgia

Apple bringing out new iPhone 7, Smartwatch and listening devices

Every year we know that Apple will unleash either new product or an update and on Wednesday, they are unveiling the latest updates for the iPhone 7, their smartwatch and possibly some new listening gadgets.

Microsoft to Take on Chromebooks

So far, Microsoft’s hardware offerings have been at the premium market with the Surface Pro, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio. Now it looks like they’re about to take on inexpensive Chromebooks and they could announce it

Gamer Weekly: Titanfall 2 beta and Metal Gear Survive

Gaming Weekly: Metal Gear Survive Announced, Deus Ex Garners Positive Reviews and Titanfall 2 beta hits

Embracing the Past in the Gaming Industry

There was once a popular game called Sweet Home for the Japanese Family Computer. When the Sony PlayStation came out, Capcom thought that they should re-make this early survival horror game.

Keeping Friends Close with the Judicial Redress Act

When a country doesn’t take its citizens’ privacy very seriously, it would be a surprise if its guest fared any better. Poor Ed Snow really did a number on foreign relations when he disclosed classified NSA data to the media.

Microsoft’s Fugitive Data

It’s a big internet. Your social media account or email could be stored anywhere. Your blog could be hosted anywhere. One Italian website could be hosted in Texas or some US drug lord’s email account could be stored as far off as Ireland.

The decline of movie based video games

It used to be expected that with every big budget movie there would be a video game hitting your PC, PS4 or Xbox One, but times have changed that now endanger the film-based genre.

Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe Edition Review

Star Wars has always been a well-known franchise with a very well-developed world, which made it a prime target for video games. Even though it isn’t stated in the title, this is the third installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront series.

Will Donald Trump refute latest Russian malware on Vermont electric company?

We already know that even when he's given proof of Russia's hacking into our country, Donald Trump has some major blinders on. It reminds one of that troubled sibling or lover we always give excuses for no matter what they do.