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microsoft surface phone reviews 2016

Microsoft makes the perfect Surface Phone: Tech Review

Welcome the smartest phone on the planet, the Microsoft Surface Phone. It’s play and productivity combined and redefined. If you liked the Surface Pro and the Surface Book, you’ll love the Surface Phone.
reasons why and why not to buy apple watch 2015

Apple Watch: Why You Should & Shouldn’t Buy It

Unless you've been deprived of television, internet and social media, you know that the highly marketed and anticipated Apple Watch goes on pre-sale this Friday with prices starting at $349 before tax.
google indexing mobile app content changing search 2015

Google’s Mobile App Indexing: Is This A Global Search Shift?

Google recently announced a new feature called Google Now on Tap; the feature will be available in the latest version of the Android operating system and will allow smart phone users to get additional information from within apps.
microsoft throws more shade at apple 2016 images

Microsoft throws more shade at Apple

Just when we thought that Microsoft and Apple are about to have a symbiotic relationship, they're at it again. Old habits just die hard. Microsoft just threw more shade in Apple's way and this time, it's about the iPad Pro
are self-driving cars really ready for prime time 2016 tech images

Are Self-Driving Cars Really Ready for Prime Time?

A moment of silence for Ohio resident Mr. Joshua Brown. Obviously a lover of technology, ready to embrace the new. He got himself a Tesla Model S and put its auto-pilot feature through its paces
yelp calls out foul on google search 2015 images

Yelp Cries Foul on Google

Google has become the world’s universal search engine. It’s even become a verb synonymous to “look up”. To look something up on the web is to “Google it”. But like an artist too popular for his/her own good, Google has become an object of scrutiny when it uses its own popularity to further its own ends.
mark zuckerberg apologizes for cambridge analytica interview 2018 images

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for Cambridge Analytica interview

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to come out of hiding Wednesday when the Cambridge Analytica scandal caused a drop in the company's stock so he did interviews with media outlets apologizing for the misuse of user's data. Full interview here.
tim cook brings on ipad maxi or maxipad 2015

Apple’s Max-iPad Aims to Scratch Surface

The iPad, which revolutionized consumer computing by popularizing the tablet form, is currently at a crossroads due to slow sales which in turn is due to a saturated tablet market.
google project fi transforming telecom industry 2015

Google Project Fi – Another Slice in the Wireless Carrier Pie

Google’s Project Fi is a dream come true for mobile phone users in the United States. No longer will users be tied to any specific mobile network whose reliability drops depending on where the user is.
google keeps changing rules for seo 2015

Is there room for SEO when Google keeps changing the rules?

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon; It would seem that Google has unleashed almost every animal that it can think of in a bit to prevent the manipulation of its search results by keen webmasters and every time one of these new updates comes out there is always talk that SEO has come to an end

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