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Microsoft throws shade at iOS security

The iOS curated walled garden seemed to be the perfect platform to keep viruses, trojans and other malware out of Apple’s mobile devices. Through this system, no malware can get into iPhones and iPads

The Facebook Vampire

We love vampires but only in movies. We love our iPhones also. We can watch those movies on our phones this Halloween in case we’re on a trip or stream those movies on the iPhone to our TVs.

Gaming Best Bet Gifts for Christmas and 2017

Every year hundreds and hundreds of sales appear at this time of the year, it truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer. This year is no exception, that’s why we’re going to make a list (with no specific order) as for the best things

Google for Entrepreneurs: A Goldfish Tank or Piranha Tank?

Caught an episode of Shark Tank last week while channel surfing. Hearing good things about it, I decided to stick around. It was indeed like an American Idol for businessmen. It was enjoyable, it was interesting and a bit harrowing for some of the clueless contestants.

Flog Dolphins Or Spank Your Monkey Virtually

It was only a matter of time before the world’s renewed focus into virtual reality found its way into “the industry”. For shy lonely geeks, lonely guys with indisposed girlfriends and husbands in the doghouse, the eJaculator VR comes to the rescue.

Top 6 tips to keep your Holiday online shopping hacker proof...

This is the season for shopping, but it's also the season for others hoping to get some free shopping off of you and your negligence.

Cyber Monday 2016 Best Buy Watch: Just how good are their...

Cyber Monday early sales have been going most of the holiday weekend merging with Black Friday, but as we all know, the best deals will be hitting throughout the day. Usually, the closer to the end of the day is when the really great ones hit

US Department of Defense Gives Windows 10 Thumbs Up

Is Windows 10 secure? A lot of naysayers say it isn’t because it constantly phones home sending back unspecified user data to Microsoft. At least the US Department of Defense seems to think so.

Has Nokia and Blackberry returned from the dead?

Nokia and Blackberry are back from the dead as androids. Nice premise for a sci-fi movie but this is real life. Nokia has officially unveiled a new Android-powered smartphone which is a part from its old Nokia X line called the Nokia 6

The Tech of Trek

Every time I go through our annual physical exams which include some rather invasive procedures, I’m reminded of Star Trek. Every time blood is extracted through conventional means (cutting the tip of the index finge

2017 Cyber Monday 4K, HDTV holiday deals you can’t miss

2017 Cyber Monday has arrived after a big week of Black Friday deals, so if you missed out on something, you've got a whole new slew of 4K and HDTV sales to make up for it. Here's our Top 20 best deals.

Edward Snowden far from coming home

Edward Snowden is feeling bored in Russia. He’s busying himself on Twitter debunking US government statements on national security. The latest of which is footage of an encrypted email message included in an ISIS follow-up video regarding the November 2015 Paris attacks.