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iPhone 8: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest

Apple's iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are the most anticipated phones of 2017, but the iPhone 8 has created its own special buzz with some huge advancements.

Is Microsoft’s Edge Sharp or Blunt?: Windows 10 Updates

It’s been made official for a few weeks now that Project Spartan’s name is Edge. Many Windows 10 insiders were disappointed with the browser’s official name though not bad, was just not as cool as Spartan.

Google’s Swing Vote In 2016 Presidential Election

Google has become so big and powerful that it could decide the next president. That’s a scary thought but it’s in the realm of possibilities by swinging undecided voters to over to certain candidates.

Democrats revive ‘net neutrality’ battle while electric cars go mainstream again

Democrats bring back the net neutrality battle with Republicans, battery operated cars making a comeback and AT&T focuses on streaming with Time Warner merger.

It’s “Okay” Being Commercially Exploited by the Internet

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite movies to date. Not just because I’m a fan of Marvel Studios’ films but because, it’s a genuinely intense, action packed and well-written movie. It very much reflects the issues we have with privacy and security.

2017 Black Friday hottest tech deals you can get now

You can actually get some amazing tech deals at 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices already. Here's a full list and where to get them to get your holiday shopping done early.

FCC, Donald Trump 5G push plus Facebook, Instagram recover

Donald Trump and FCC decide to go 5G in a big way while Facebook, Instagram have third major outage in 2019.

Pounding on Private Piracy

With torrent sites going down left and right, as was the case with KickAss Torrents and, digital pirates have another (but riskier) venue to turn to which is cloud storage, specifically services like OneDrive

Gaming Weekly: Nintendo Switch vs PS4, Xbox One plus Ready At...

Gaming Weekly: Nintendo Switch Specs Arrive, Demo Tour Announced while Super Mario Run kills it in critics reviews. Bully Scholarship Edition, Catherine and Raskulls now Xbox One backwards compatible.

Fakes on a plane: No more laptops or tablets allowed

Cue Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously, the recent gadget ban for inbound flights from the Middle East has me thinking of another film. Everyone remember that Stallone film, The Specialist? That was a nice film. It showed how the characters of Sly

Microsoft Spartan Gets an Edge: RIP Internet Explorer

We've known for some time that Windows was basically killing off its search engine Internet Explorer, and now it's Spartan placeholder name has officially become Microsoft Edge. It fits right in with Chrome and Firefox now.

Amazon’s new New York City, Washington headquarters will create talent fight

Business in New York City and Washington DC are not just worried about losing business to Amazon's new headquarters but losing valuable employees to the retail giant. Here's how they are preparing.