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Is Cyber Monday Worth It? Plus Some Hot Deals

Cyber Monday is obviously just as gimmicky as Black Friday, but the big question is 'are all those deals advertised worth all the anxiety and work?'

Lightning strikes out for Apple

Apple’s iPhone has been the star of rumors and speculation in the tech world for years now. What does Apple have in store for the phone every six months? What will be the new features of the iPhone’s next iteration?

Facebook pulls out on NFL Thursday Night Football streaming

It looks like the NFL won’t be a part of Facebook’s new video streaming service. The social media giant announced that it has withdrawn its bid to live stream NFL Thursday Night Football among other games

Google for Entrepreneurs: A Goldfish Tank or Piranha Tank?

Caught an episode of Shark Tank last week while channel surfing. Hearing good things about it, I decided to stick around. It was indeed like an American Idol for businessmen. It was enjoyable, it was interesting and a bit harrowing for some of the clueless contestants.

Is social media cyberbullying causing rise in teen suicide?

We recently ran a series of articles on cyberbullying using the CW's "Supernatural" fandom as an example of a growing problem. Funny enough, it brought...

Car infotainment becoming a distraction for drivers

New cars are getting loaded with more gadgets and 'infotainment' systems to keep sales brisk, but are drivers getting more distracted and less safe on the road?

Facebook, Instagram political ads still subverting US elections

Facebook and Instagram are still having trouble controlling those politicals ads hoping to affect political elections in the United States. They are getting smarter and more aggressive getting their message across.

Will Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal drive users away?

Many users have a love hate relationship with Facebook, and after it's proving more and more to care less about your privacy, the question looms for many; is it time to leave Mark Zuckerberg's social media garden?

3D projected images proving better than 3D holograms

Move over 3D holograms as 3D projected images are looking to take over tech and gaming now.

Microsoft throws shade at iOS security

The iOS curated walled garden seemed to be the perfect platform to keep viruses, trojans and other malware out of Apple’s mobile devices. Through this system, no malware can get into iPhones and iPads

Bill Belichick doesn’t hate Microsoft Surface just bad technology

It’s not that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick hates only the Microsoft Surface tablets that the League forced onto NFL sidelines. New England’s head coach hates all forms of technology that suck.

Torrent Extinction: What’s the next frontier?

BitTorrent users and digital media pirates are alarmed that BitTorrent index sites seem to be slowly facing extinction. A few days after the top torrent site KickassTorrents was seized
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