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Google claiming to reading your Gmail emails but…

Google got plenty of positive headlines when they announced on Friday that they would stop reading your Gmail emails. But those headlines didn't tell the whole story.

Will Mark Zuckerberg’s latest Facebook privacy plan really work?

Mark Zuckerberg is scrambling again to make Facebook users feel he's concerned about their privacy, but is it just more empty promises?

Google unveils Pixel 3A at I/O; gets chilly reception with privacy...

Google didn't get a great reception at their I/O conference when it came to privacy issues but the Pixel 3a was greeted warmly.

How keeping your inbox tidy can increase productivity

It is estimated that there are around 200 billion emails sent and received around the world every single day. This figure is the result of various types of communication between friends, family, business users and the marketing emails sent by millions of companies around the world.

SNES Classic Mini: Nintendo’s Second Cash Cow or Frustrating Bull to...

A few days after Nintendo earned the ire of many retro gamers for abruptly discontinuing the NES Classic Edition, there’s already news that they will be producing an SNES Classic Edition just in time for this year’s holiday season.

Gaming Weekly: Scalebound dead, Final Fantasy 15 plus Nintendo Switch

Gamer Weekly: Nintendo Switch reveals all, FInal Fantasy 15 hits 6 million and Xbox One Exclusive 'Scalebound' killed

Kirobo Mini: Technological imaginary friends

Technology may have invaded the realm of imaginary friends. Lonely kids will not have to dream up their imaginary friends because they can have one that really talks back for about 400 US Dollars.

Michael Phelps ready to plunge into tech world

Now that's he's officially retired (again), Olympic champion Michael Phelps is ready to start the next phase of his life, and it will be in the world of technology.

Why Comcast Xfinity continues raising cable prices and what you can...

As Comcast Xfinity is back to treating customers to horrible customer service again, the cable internet giant will be raising prices in 2018. While they gobble up all that Donald Trump tax rebate money, expect to continue getting gouged, but here's what you can do to combat it.

Bitcoin: the 21st Century Gold Standard

Currency is as old as human society. We have yet to discover a human civilization so old that the people didn’t use some form of money, be it feathers, beads, or anything else accessible to communicate

Fakes on a plane: No more laptops or tablets allowed

Cue Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously, the recent gadget ban for inbound flights from the Middle East has me thinking of another film. Everyone remember that Stallone film, The Specialist? That was a nice film. It showed how the characters of Sly

Does Data Privacy Even Exist?

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about the need for data privacy. Emerging technologies like big data and the Internet of Things are brining privacy concerns to the forefront and it seems like the need to protect our personal data is becoming more and more relevant