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Unsend It Saves You From Those Embarrassing Premature E-mail Sends

We've all done it, misinterpreted an e-mail from someone and responded back before taking that requisite ten seconds to breathe and read what we've written. Even worse, is when you read the original e-mail again after firing off a blistering response

Best free video streaming still out there plus Amazon won’t forget...

Free streaming video services do still exist, and here are the best ones out there while Amazon won't forget what your child tells Echo Dot.

Microsoft to Take on Chromebooks

So far, Microsoft’s hardware offerings have been at the premium market with the Surface Pro, the Surface Book and the Surface Studio. Now it looks like they’re about to take on inexpensive Chromebooks and they could announce it

Switch drives Nintendo profits while Comcast bundles up for survival

Nintendo met its high expectations for the meghit Switch console and Comcast Xfinity is changing up its cable model with bundles including Netflix.

The Black Hole of Christmas Day

I sure do hate to put a damper on Christmas. Actually I don't.

Will there be another Silk Road on the deep dark web?

The US government through the FBI has imposed a massive crackdown on online illegal drug markets within the Dark aka Deep Web. The best known of these was Silk Road, an online black market best known for selling illegal drugs, fake IDs and other illegal items

Voice shopping on Google or Amazon devices may not save you...

Being able to shop quickly with those fun voice devices by Amazon and Google may seem like a great new update, but you might want to stick with the old ways for certain items.

LibreOffice Finally Gets Ribbons

Not everyone can afford a Microsoft Office 365 subscription nor can anyone afford to purchase a Microsoft Office license. Also not everyone, especially older Office users like the Microsoft Office ribbon interface

Is social media cyberbullying causing rise in teen suicide?

We recently ran a series of articles on cyberbullying using the CW's "Supernatural" fandom as an example of a growing problem. Funny enough, it brought...

Tech companies feeling Donald Trump ban, lose $32 billion

Business didn't speak out during President Donald Trump's first chaotic week in office as he continued stating that he would be cutting out regulations affecting them. They naturally, were afraid to say anything

Will Mark Zuckerberg finally man up with Facebook problems?

Now that Mark Zuckerberg is being backed into some uncomfortable corners, will the Facebook CEO and co-founder finally man up and take on leadership qualities as his social media platform takes hit after hit?

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices and your options

You can buy everything on Amazon except Google Home and the internet giant is now blocking YouTube from all Amazon devices in retaliation.