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Understanding Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra plus Winklevoss Bitcoin upstaged

Figuring out exactly how Mark Zuckerbergs new Libra fits into cryptocurrency market against Bitcoin for Facebook.

Millions of American students still without home internet in 2019

Even in 2019 there are millions of students in America without internet at home. How does this affect them?

Big tech future breakup plus Google goes gaming with Stadia

Google is entering the gaming world with Stadia while the future of big tech looks like a breakup could be coming for Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

FCC bill blocks spam robocalls plus Huawei offers US a tech...

The FCC stepped up Thursday giving phone companies permission to block spam robocalls and Huawei warned the US about their tech fight.

Apples pulls focus from iPhones to software while Big Tech get...

Gone are the days of Apple being able to sit back and watch the profits roll in from the iPhone. Sales...

Turtle Beach Recon 70: Best bang for your buck plus a...

Turtle Beach Recon 70 is the perfect budget gaming headset that doesn't skimp on quality. This is the perfect Father's Day gift idea for those gaming daddies.

Google getting probed by Department of Justice and Europe

Google is now under antitrust investigation by America's DOJ and Europe regulators over manipulated search results, ad monopoly and Android abuses.

China creates own ‘basket of deplorables’ list after Donald Trump’s Huawei...

China is escalating Donald Trump's trade war ban on tech giant Huawei with a list of unreliable companies in America.

The cost of fitness app development

Looking to create your own fitness app? Here are the steps required to make it a success.

Arkansas newspaper drops print for iPad edition in fight to stay...

In what could be a trend for struggling newspapers, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is giving up their print edition for iPad versions to customers. Will it work?

China raises stakes in US trade war dangling Beijing plus Nancy...

China is upping the ante in their trade was with Donald Trump using Beiging's exotic minerals plus Nancy Pelosi hits back at Facebook keeping slur video.

Walmart revving up for Amazon, Zuckerberg step down, Colorado campus uproar

Walmart lost one chief technology officer to Pinterest, they've more than made up for that by hiring former Amazon, Microsoft and Google...