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Manchester City proves Pep Guardiola a winning combination

Some may have been in doubt about Pep Guardiola last season, but he's already proven that his style is a winner as Manchester City can attest to.

Novak Djokovic ridding himself of mental pressure for ATP Titles

Novak Djokovic knows more than most people that when you spend your career getting to the top, staying at the top brings on a whole new set of issues. Mostly mental ones as the world top ranked tennis player can attest to.

Clear Rules Means Clear Skies for Drones

Describing the many benefits and innovations that come with drone technology, the Obama administration finally offers a clearer perspective for commercial drone use through new rules and regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt agree to therapy with drug tests

The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce which would officially kill off Brangelina looked to be a loud messy Hollywood affair, but after Pitt got smeared in the press last week, it looks like the rest will go very quietly.

Miley Cyrus takes over for Ellen and Justin Bieber legal troubles continue

Very rarely does TV show host Ellen DeGeneres ever miss a taping for her show. However, this week she was forced to do so when she realized she was too sick to come into work.

Daniel Craig laughing way to bank as James Bond producers still want him

One of the reasons for the James Bond franchise’s continued success is its ability to easily modify itself to the current era. The early days featured Sean Connery as a very playful, do-it-all super spy, but that has since evolved all the way up Daniel Craig’s older

Josh Gordon chooses drugs over football

Josh Gordon’s decision to enter drug rehab is the best thing for him, regardless of the fact that this event will mark the end of his football career. Kid was a longshot to get back to the player he was before multiple drug tests

Atlanta Falcons recipe versus Carolina Panthers week 4 NFL

Dan Quinn probably hasn’t slept much this week as his Falcons prepare for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. His Birds have bounced back from an ugly home opening loss and have two nice wins over the Raiders

Josh Gordon giving Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel deja vu

Josh Gordon’s Future with Cleveland Browns in Jeopardy after Checking into In-Patient Rehab Facility

NFL winners and losers week 3 including Cam Newton

Week three in the NFL is over except for the MNF game, and we now have a feel for who is really good and who will be drafting early next year.

Liane Balaban talks ‘Supernatural’ and Amelia’s future with Sam Winchester

In Supernatural's first episode of Season 8, we meet Amelia Richardson (Liane Balaban), who was Sam’s love interest during the year that Dean is stuck in Purgatory. Amelia is a veterinarian that Sam meets

Angelina Jolie suddenly trying private settlement with Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie created a media whirlwind ten days ago when she ended Brangelina and announced divorcing Brad Pitt. For a few days afterward, Pitt became a media punching bag, which was obviously at Jolie's doing.

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