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Why are non-white voters drinking the Donald Trump Kool-Aid?

There is something going on in the psyche of American minorities. In particular non-whites, in particular when it comes to politics. We are no longer looking at current candidates agenda’s as to the reason why we would vote for them but rather giving them our votes because of other candidates affiliations

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. Why not?

I don't know if you've noticed or not. There is no good challenger for Ronda Rousey. Holly Holm is as good as any other option at this point in Rousey's march toward undefeated history.

Adobe Flash, the Undead of the Tech World

A few years ago, I was cursing Adobe Flash and using it at the same time on my aging Compaq laptop which I have long since replaced. Whenever I visit a website with a running Flash ad or a website that uses Flash video, the laptop fans would go crazy and the laptop would heat my lap

MTV VMA’s Bring Nicki Miley Feud, Justin Bieber Tears & President Kanye West

SO much went on last night including Nicki Minaj showing nice with Taylor Swift while scorching host Miley Cyrus. Justin Bieber gave us tears and Kanye West gave us President Yeezus aspirations.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 102 Continues A Great Show: So Close, Yet So Far

When civilization falls, it falls fast. That according to Tobias. Kid is right. Fear The Walking Dead didn't waste any time moving headlong into an apocalyptic nightmare.

I AM CAIT 106: Dating Game Recap

This week’s episode of I Am Cait “The Dating Game” was all about Caitlyn entering the dating world as a member of the trans-community.


Sean Darling-Hammond made quite an impression on everyone when he walked onto the Pittsburgh qualifiers and shot himself all the way to the Vegas finals. Here's the full interview our sports guy on the scene Shane Mclendon did with the American Ninja Warrior.

Choosing Your Fantasy Football Team & League

It is not long until fantasy drafts will be getting going. That means lots of catchy team names like 'Megatron’s Johnson', trash talk galore, and of course lots of fun.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 209: Joe & Sam Saga Getting Crazy

The Joe and Samantha saga was once again in full swing in this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

Rafael Nadal Strips It Down For New Video

Rafael Nadal may be having a rough season on the court this year, but off the court, he's still a hot commodity and Tommy Hilfiger is taking full advantage of that.

BIG BROTHER 1729: Vanessa Turns Things Around

Vanessa is proving to seemingly be the smartest player in the house, and on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," the head of household competition continued. Shelli said it was the most important competition so far and she might go from the jury house to the head of household.

Taylor Swift Sweeps VMA’s & Opens With Nicki Minaj: Winner’s List

Remember when all these celebrities were trying to mediate the huge Twitter feud between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minja? Well, you wouldn't even have remembered it happening with the opening of Sunday night's VMA's which featured Nicki Minaj with surprise a pop up from Taylor Swift.

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