Why are non-white voters drinking the Donald Trump Kool-Aid?

why non whites drinking donald trump kool aid for record 2015

why non whites drinking donald trump kool aid for record 2015There is something going on in the psyche of American minorities. In particular, non-whites when it comes to politics. We are no longer looking at current candidates agenda’s as to the reason why we would vote for them but rather giving them our votes because of other candidates affiliations (family, economic, business, etc.) that we don’t agree with. So yes, we are willing to vote for candidates who’s agenda and mindset are in direct contrast to who we are if that means not voting for another presidential hopeful who has ties to a family that we hate.

If you haven’t guessed, I am talking about Donald Trump and his run for president. See, for the life of me I didn’t understand how black people and even Hispanics could ever poll in surveys and group studies in favor of a man like Donald Trump. An individual who is not a politician, but a real estate mogul, reality TV star and just all around questionable human. This man is a joke, doesn’t have any real solutions to the problems he points out and is continually, always on a high horse.

Then, I started reading articles, listening to callers on radio shows and pod casts and talking to black people about the soon to be all we hear about presidential run for the white house. Suddenly it all clicked. Minorities don’t really support Trump, they just can’t bring themselves to vote for any of the other candidates because of their connections to past presidencies.

This I figured has got to be the only reason why a black man would put in his vote for Trump. When you think about it, Jeb Bush is out of the question for no other reason than his last name is connected to two presidencies that are considered to be the biggest terms to fail black people since Ronald Regan. And as far as voting for the other people in the running, black folks don’t trust what they don’t know and they know Trump’s name. Yea it’s for something not related to running a country but really, how different can that be from running a multi-billion dollar business right? And yes there are some people of color in the running but black folks don’t take black republicans seriously, so they are a non-factor. The only thing left to conclude is that minorities view Trump as the lesser of all evils.

With that, yes, right now he is leading the polls in the non-whites demographic and I believe with everything inside of me that it is because of the above reasoning. This is further supported by a conversation I had with an old friend over the weekend. She is a very intelligent, educated black woman who fixed her mouth to say that she would vote for Trump any day over Hillary Clinton. Which makes sense with my reasoning because Hilary Clinton’s husband, a former president, had a very controversial presidency and the leaking of her emails and other info about her political affiliations doesn’t shed the brightest light on who she is.

With that, I was taken aback by my friend’s comment and listed all the ways that Trump is a disgrace to the political system, but she reasoned that he is able to say how he feels about stuff because he has the money to support himself so at least with him, she knows what’s she’s getting upfront as opposed to other candidates that have to say what people want to hear in order to get funding.

“Hmmmm,” I thought. Now I will say that this black woman is a conservative who has voted republican in the past, but for her to not mention any of the other candidates who have run in other elections as one of her choices really intrigued me.

Considering all of this, it makes sense that those who voted for Obama in the past would jump ship and vote for Trump. His name, at least when it comes to politics, has yet to be tainted by personal connections to the office.

As for those two “stump for trump” black women, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who are trying to call out black people for being “spoon fed,” they themselves are part of a greater issue with black people in America. It’s called opportunism. They are propaganda to debunk aspects of the civil rights movement including the Black Lives Matter movement because any black person who says,  “We can no longer take and parade the narrative ‘Black Lives Matter’ in front of people when we don’t feel like our own lives matter” has no clue what the real struggle is. Now they are campaigning for Trump and hell, will probably even come out on top momentarily and that is the real tragedy. How they can say, “What I want you all to do is take that energy and channel it behind someone that I know cares about all lives — and that’s Mr. Donald Trump,” is one of the world’s great mysteries because Trump has said nothing that constitutes anyone believing he cares for all lives.

I hope that minorities (the smart, non passive listeners) remain cognizant of the real forces at play here. We need to educate ourselves so that we can make the right choices so that we can affect the right changes.