Top 10 Things That Can Screw Up Your Fantasy Football Team

screwing up fantasy football league


There are a few ways not to end up on the bottom in your fantasy football league. These tips are not a guarantee to win it all, but this list might keep you from embarrassing yourself, your family, and your community at large. No one needs that kind of shame.

  1. No need to make trades too swiftly. You want to let your players hang around long enough to see what happens. You drafted them for a reason after all.
  1. Before the draft, not after, is when you read the points rules for your specific league. Player preference is best determined for many positions that way.
  1. You don’t want to pull the trigger on trades too fast as I mentioned, but don’t stay with a player too long either. There is a fine line between a slow start and a season long disaster.
  1. If you end up with some wildly lucky person in your fantasy league, there is not much you can do about it. So he got lucky with getting the first pick overall in the draft and his rookie running back is on fire. Hard to fight a crazy run of luck like that.
  1. Before draft day, you need to keep track of bye weeks, as you don’t need multiple players on the same bye week. Admittedly that is a ton of info to keep up with and balance out with who is available when you are on the draft clock.
  1. Some famous person said “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. That may sound a little haughty, but it is certainly true in fantasy football play. Study some stats instead of watching that episode of Duck Dynasty. You’re better than that!
  1. Don’t get caught up in some weird trade scenario that you think will pay off down the line. If it looks too good to be true…..
  1. Make time to be there for the live draft. Setting up the auto draft is ok but not as good as hand picking obviously. Plus, if you miss the live draft, you have missed the best part of the season.
  1. Setting your line up too early is a screw up that will cost you points. Many player injury updates come right before kickoff.
  1. Injuries to star fantasy players will kill your chances. You can scratch and claw your way through the season to stay in the hunt. But losing your first round pick early in the year to an ACL tear is tough to overcome.