BACHELOR IN PARADISE 209: Joe & Sam Saga Getting Crazy

bachelor in paradise joe shirtless sam getting crazy 209 recap 2015

bachelor in paradise joe shirtless sam getting crazy 209 recap 2015The Joe and Samantha saga was once again in full swing in this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

The episode begins with Joe being visibly upset with Sam for agreeing to go on a date with Justin. Joe declares to the camera, “It’s not fair. It’s not fair to Joe. I am hurt. I’m disappointed. I’m frustrated.”

However not long after, Samantha reveals to Joe that she decided not to go on the date with Justin after all. This being because she couldn’t stop thinking about Joe and didn’t think it was fair for Justin. Despite being fuming mad right before this, Joe forgives Samantha for her actions and the two head down the beach and off into the sunset…for now.

After Samantha backs out of the date, Justin decides to ask Amber. Fortunately, Amber accepts, although she claims it’s merely to get Dan jealous.

Amber and Justin end up salsa dancing, where Justin claims to be “hypnotized” by Ashley’s hips. Not too long into the date, Amber ends up having a make out session with him in the water. However, soon after the date Amber begins breaking down as she regrets being so affectionate with Justin when she feels so strongly about Dan.

Amber sits down with Dan and tries to express how she is feeling and let him know that she was thinking about him all day. Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t express the same feelings and tells Amber he was “glad” she had fun on the date and that he honestly doesn’t feel the “connection” he was hoping to feel with her.

Meanwhile, five-time Bachelor alum Chris Bukowski joins the cast. After a day of drinking heavily and ignoring all the women, Chris decides its time to buckle down and asks Tenley on a date.

However, Tenley right away shuts down the possibility that anything romantic can happen between them and suggests he ask someone else out. Especially since she is already romantically committed to Joshua at this point.

Unfortunately, in his drunken state Chris is unable to get any girl to commit to the date with him. Therefore, Joshua gets Chris to give him the date card and uses it to take out Tenley.

While Josh and Tenley go off on their date, Dan confesses to Carly that the only person he can “see [himself] with” is Samantha.

Before this week’s rose ceremony, Jared receives a 5-plus-page love letter from Ashley I. At this point, Jared had told Ashley he couldn’t see a future with her, but that obviously isn’t stopping her from pursuing him.

After Jared reads Ashley’s letter, Amber approaches him and reveals that she is “intrigued” by him. She tells him that she is potentially going to give him her rose in hopes of getting to know him better.

In addition, Dan takes Samantha to the side before the ceremony and attempts at convincing her that Joe isn’t that great of a guy and that he is the one for her.

At the rose ceremony, the couples give each other their roses – saving Carly, Kirk, Jade, Tanner, Tenley, Joshua, Juelia and Mikey.

After the predictable roses, Ashley S. decides to continue things with Nick and gives him her rose. Before Amber gets a chance, Ashley I. gives Jared her rose and he accepts it.

This leaves Samantha and Amber. Amber decides to give her rose to Justin, which leaves Dan and Joe on the chopping block. In a surprise twist, Samantha ends up giving her rose to Dan.

It’s safe to say Joe is enraged and pulls Samantha aside, questioning her why she would give Dan her rose after all they just went through. Samantha claims that it was just “too much drama” to be with him. Joe demands that Samantha apologize to him, as she is clearly the one causing the drama at this point.

Tanner admits to the camera, “Joe fell on the sword for Samantha and then she took the sword and stabbed him in the back about 18 times.

All of the girls are shocked with Samantha’s actions, Juelia confesses, “Not only do I not know who she is, but I don’t want to know.” Pretty much everyone is pissed off with how conniving Samantha continues to be, except Dan of course who is ecstatic with her decision.

Finally, Joe is sent packing and in the car ride out he shows the alleged text from Samantha that instructs him to “do whatever it takes” to stay.

After the rose ceremony, Chelsea from Juan Pablo’s season joins the cast. Before she can ask anyone on a date, Carly pulls her aside and fills her in on what’s been going on in Paradise. Carly makes a point to say that Dan is “very available” and the “way to go,” as Carly tries to get Samantha sent home (by matching Chelsea up with him).

Sneak Peek:

A couple of new girls join the cast, as it is the guys’ turn to give out the roses. One of the newcomers threatens Ashley I.’s “relationship” with Jared.