FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 102 Continues A Great Show: So Close, Yet So Far

fear the walking dead 102 recap so far 2015 images

fear the walking dead 102 recap so far 2015 imagesWhen civilization falls, it falls fast. That according to Tobias. Kid is right. Fear The Walking Dead didn’t waste any time moving headlong into an apocalyptic nightmare. We went from a couple cases of Walker Flu last week to LAPD on walker crime, which led to rioting. That escalated quickly indeed.

The show runners wanted to get right to the action I guess. Probably a good move with all of us suffering from no attention spans.

We saw a creepy opening scene with the school principal wandering the halls of his school. More on him later….but not more.

Just as I figured, Alicia’s boyfriend Matt is super sick. That will happen when you get bit. So he didn’t try to call anyone for help after the bite? These people are pretty independent. Travis wouldn’t call the police if he was in a building full of serial killers from what I can tell.

More and more people are getting the “bug” as 911 is nothing but a busy signal. More cops are shown to be headed away from the impending doom. If you see a cop loading 80 gallons of bottled water in to his car, it’s time to look for a new zip code yourself.

Alicia is hard headed about leaving her boyfriend behind even after they all see his nasty bite. Would you leave your girlfriend or boyfriend behind? Of course you would if you’re in Rick Grimes‘ time period. But this is before they know for sure each sick person is going to turn into a flesh eating monster.

The most insane scene this week came as the dude hops on the bus to tell everyone that “A cop shot some homeless dude.” That is the cue for all the passengers to run right over there? Who does that? I’m staying on the damn bus, mainly cause I don’t want to be the next shooting victim if the cop is crazy. And I probably have to be somewhere since I am riding a bus!

Drugged out Johnny Depp, our boy Nick, is in bad shape as withdrawals are near. He predicts a world of shit for himself, but clearly everyone else is in for the same world.

Travis heads out to find his son, but the kid was one of the bold bus riders who just had to see the dead homeless man. Some of their neighbors are clued in to what’s happening, but most have no clue. I have a feeling that birthday party across the street was gonna suck.

So, Tobias gets his confiscated knife back when he catches Maddie going through the school’s “zero tolerance” cabinet. Nick is seriously sick from lack of drugs so she had little choice since his doctor was not available.

I can see how the LAPD wouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt after killing these folks that seemed harmless. The people shot were unarmed, but far from harmless. The protesting crowds don’t realize that though. All they know is a guy is dead and they are all pissed.

Tobias painted Maddie an ugly picture of their society crumbling fast. The kid is very sharp and does not trust the government a bit. Hope he makes it through this season to be a main character. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

The kid showed some guts as he defended Maddie from the zombified principal. He had the right idea with the knife, but didn’t know to go for the head stab. He’ll learn. Maddie finally killed off the walker as she bashed his head in with a fire extinguisher.

If you were waiting for all hell to break loose, you got it the moment the guys with the yellow suits stepped on the scene. That is time to panic and start burning cars, especially if you are in L.A. Lucky for Travis, he and his ex found their son Chris right before it got ugly. Riot police, yellow hazmat suits, gang signs, and animal instincts. Now we have it! Full blown chaos SON!

Travis is lucky he found a friendly neighborhood barber (prompted by his wife), who let him and his family inside their safe haven. Travis would likely have left his ex-wife outside in the turmoil if he could have pulled it off. She is quite bitter and I doubt he will enjoy being cooped up with her.

The old barber, Daniel Salazar, looks like he has some riot experience.

Traffic is a nightmare now and newscasters are telling people to stay inside their homes. I can not imagine the lies that would be spewed by TV news if something like this was happening in the real world. “Back to you Katie….coming up next, Kim Kardashian is donating her kidneys to a set of sick twins.”

I want a body count of how many people die in the first week after the LAPD shooting of the homeless guy. Suicides, wrecks, people trapped, murders of regular humans. Let’s not even count zombie bite victims or those with the bug.

Maddie has herself a short breakdown after she makes it home. Travis calls and tells her to go to the desert. The call is eventually dropped. Oh how we would struggle without constant contact, especially in an emergency. Think of all the mix ups we have now when a member of our family has a dead cell phone. Think about no cell service…..ever again!

Maddie and Alicia witness a walker attack across the street and the mom has to hold back her kid. Alicia is brave to want to help. But Maddie did right. These folks don’t appear to have any weapons at all either. Bare knuckle brawling with walkers is a no-no. Michonne and company don’t even try that.

At show’s end the barber’s wife symbolically blows out the candle as it all goes dark. Take a moment and think of earth with no electricity. Just the lack of lighting would be a bad deal, regardless of walkers, flus, or riots. We live in a world that is just as livable at night as daytime due to light bulbs. That is going away very soon for Travis and friends. #cantdeal

I’m stoked for next week’s episode. The pace has picked up even from the pilot episode. I’m most interested in how people deal with lack of communications and creature comforts. We are all so soft. Folks in this show’s universe better toughen up in a hurry.

And yes, I loved the medical masks with monster mouth designs worn by those kids Maddie saw.