‘Total Divas’ 513 C’est la Diva 1 aka Going French

On this week’s episode of “Total Divas,” Nikki and Nattie met with Nikki’s physical therapist. Nikki said she was in a lot of pain, but she wanted to keep wrestling anyway. Nikki then did cryotherapy and Nattie said it looked like it must hurt.

Backstage at RAW Brie said the divas were doing press in Paris for the WWE’s UK tour. Alicia said she was looking forward to Paris but not to dealing with Rosa’s drama.

In Paris, the divas arrived, and Eva Marie said she was excited, and she wanted to repair her relationships with the other divas. Brie said she and Nikki were going to take their grandmother to Paris in a couple of weeks for her birthday. The divas arrived at their suites and Brie and Nikki said they wanted to bunk together, but they wanted to do it in a low-key suite. Rosa said she wouldn’t share a room with Paige because Paige was rooming with Alicia and Rosa and Alicia were arguing.

Eva Marie and Mandy chose to room together. Alicia said she and Eva Marie hadn’t spoken since they argued and that she had too much drama between Rosa and Eva Marie. Alicia said Rosa stresses her out too much, so she had to stop being her friend.

Nikki said she was going to indulge herself, live and not think about her injuries while they were in Paris. The divas went to see the Eiffel Tower, but Alicia skipped it because Rosa was going. At the Eiffel Tower, Bobby was waiting to propose to Rosa. She happily accepted as the divas cheered her on.

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At a media event, Brie and Nikki congratulated Rosa on her engagement. Alicia said she was surprised they got engaged at the Eiffel Tower and was somewhat sorry she missed it. Nikki said she was avoiding her injury and that John Cena had set up a cheese tasting for her and Brie.

Paige arranged a dinner for the divas and that she had gotten Alicia to come along knowing Rosa would be there. The dinner was to celebrate Rosa and Bobby’s engagement. Alicia said she felt negative about Rosa and Bobby getting married even though the other divas were happy for them.

Brie woke Nikki up and told her they had to start the day with a workout and then they could go out and have fun. Alicia went to talk to Eva Marie and Eva Marie said she was going bike riding with Nikki and Brie. Alicia talked to Eva Marie about her issues with Rosa. Mandy was bothered that Eva Marie was going biking without her. She said she had been ditched, and she felt left out.

Nikki and Brie took Eva Marie to a Parisian bakery. She thanked them for inviting her and said she knew she hadn’t had a chance to catch up with them yet. Eva Marie said she wanted everyone to like her.

Rosa bought clothes for her unborn baby and then Alicia asked her to talk privately. Alicia said she needed Rosa in the past, and Rosa wasn’t there for her. Rosa admitted she had been so caught up in her pregnancy she had been neglecting friends. After they had made up, they joined the other divas at a café.

Eva Marie, Brie and Nikki went bike riding down the streets of Paris. Brie said she was happy they were burning calories off. Nikki said she was having fun in Paris because she was scared of what was happening to her body and how it would affect her wrestling career. After they were done riding bikes, they want to a café.

Paige said she had a surprise for everyone. Then she brought in a male that they were going to draw nude portraits of. She did it after finding out that Nattie had only ever been with her husband TJ.

A macaroon chef came to the suite to teach Nikki, Brie and Eva Marie how to make them. Nikki said she wanted to learn to cook dinners for John Cena.

Nikki, Brie and Eva Marie went out for dinner and Mandy was upset she wasn’t invited. Paige found Mandy crying about it and she said she was worried about fitting in with the other divas. Then Alicia and Rosa came in, and Alicia gave Mandy a hug. Mandy said she was starting to see Eva Marie’s true colors.