‘Total Divas’ 514 Nikki Bella WWE career over? C’est la diva

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On this week’s episode of “Total Divas,” on the way to dinner Nattie got a text from Rosa saying Mandy was upset she wasn’t invited to come along. Eva Marie said she thought Mandy was upset because Eva Marie didn’t invite her and even though she knows how that feels, it wasn’t her dinner to invite anyone to.

At the Eiffel Tower, the divas talked about their relationships, and Nikki said John had said he was interested in marrying her someday. Mandy told Paige and Alicia she felt like Nattie abandoned her and that some people’s true colors were starting to come out.

Rosa said she wanted to experience Paris with Bobby. She and Bobby talked about who would marry them, and Bobby said he didn’t want a minister doing it even though that’s what Rosa wanted. Rosa said if her wedding isn’t in a church her mother will freak out.

Alicia and Paige discussed throwing an engagement party in Paris for Rosa and Bobby. Nattie said she felt bad that Mandy felt left out, and she didn’t think it was anyone’s intention to leave her out of activities. Alicia overheard Nattie tell Mandy she didn’t want to do the photo shoot Alicia wanted them to do. Alicia then talked to Paige, Rosa and Bobby about it. She said her feelings were hurt because she thought it would be fun for the divas to do a photo shoot together. Eva Marie asked if they were still doing the photo shoot and Alicia said it was canceled. Nattie said she was happy to do it but had kept hearing conflicting reports as to whether or not they were doing it. Mandy said she was upset that Eva Marie and Nattie didn’t invite her to dinner with the Bellas, but she didn’t blame the Bellas.

In private Eva Marie went to Mandy to clear the air between them. Eva Marie said she didn’t want Mandy to feel left out because she knew how it felt. Mandy said she thought Eva Marie’s apology was sincere, but that Eva Marie didn’t think it was her fault Mandy felt left out of the dinner. Mandy said she wouldn’t dwell on this but wouldn’t forget about it either.

All the divas went to dinner together, and Alicia thanked them all for coming. She then said the dinner was in honor of Rosa and that she appreciated the friendship she has with her. Then all the divas went to a Flamenco show together. Nattie said the trip had made all of them so much stronger.

Backstage at Smackdown, Rosa showed the Big Show her engagement ring. He hugged her and said she deserved it. Then she did a backstage interview with Dolph Ziggler. After the interview, Paige brought her a cake and surprised her with Bobby. Rosa said she and Bobby had decided to let their daughter decide her chosen religion when she is old enough to.

Two months later, in Tampa, Nikki chased after Winston, her puppy with John Cena. Nikki said she had to go for an MRI, so she invited her mother over to watch Winston. Nikki said the MRI results might indicate that she would have to have surgery for her injuries.

At Bobby’s parents’ house, Rosa started to feel cramps. She and Bobby packed a bag for the hospital. After her doctor’s appointment, Nikki sat in her car and called Brie. Nikki was told her neck injury was worse than they thought.

After 24 hours of labor and an hour of pushing, Rosa gave birth to Jordan. Rosa said she wished her mother had been there for the birth.

Nikki said she was frustrated because deep down she knew her injury had been worse than her doctors originally thought. Nikki said she thought she was going to get better news from the doctor than she did.

Rosa said she was a little scared because she didn’t know what she was doing with Jordan. She also said she hadn’t heard from her mother in two months. She said she was sad that so much was happening in her life and her mom wasn’t around for it.

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Backstage at RAW Brie and Nikki had a meeting scheduled with WWE officials. While Nikki was on the way there, John Cena called and apologized for not being there with her because he was recovering from his own surgery. Brie and Nikki were told Nikki’s injuries might end her career. Nikki questioned who she would be without wrestling.

Rosa told Bobby she wanted to move to Pittsburgh to be close to his family. She said she thought moving there was the best decision for them. Bobby told Rosa not to focus on the conflict between her and her mother.