TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Insecurity Breach Recap: Brie Gets Barb Wired Paranoid

Total Divas Season 3 Insecurity Breach Brie Gets Paranoid

Total Divas Season 3 Insecurity Breach Brie Gets Paranoid

This week on Total Divas Eva Marie was shown at home recovering from surgery to replace her breast implants. Brie and Nikki went to visit Eva Marie at home during her recovery. They then met some of the other divas at a local restaurant for brunch. Brie told Natalya that one of the people that recently robbed their house has gone to jail. Natalya then put the idea in Brie’s head that the robbers might come back to their house.

Eva Marie and Jonathan were in the car when Eva Marie got the call that she was invited to do another magazine shoot. She said she was nervous about this because she hadn’t worked out since she had her surgery.

Paige and Rosa went clothes shopping together in Tampa, Florida. The goal of the shopping trip was to help Rosa feel more confident about her body. Rosa then said that there is something about Paige that turns her on.

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Brie and Daniel Bryan armed their house with an alarm system and bullet proof glass to protect themselves from another robbery. She then told Daniel that she is considering buying a gun for protection because she doesn’t want to have to be afraid in her own house.

Hanging out with the other divas, in Rosa’s house, Paige stated that she had been intimate with another girl in the past. After Paige left Rosa called her a wild child and said she had a lot of sex appeal. Rosa talked about her attraction to Paige and the other divas tried to convince her that she is being too aggressive in pursuing Paige.

Backstage Eva Marie and Natalya talked about her upcoming magazine shoot and discussed that Eva Marie should be eating more. The other divas tried to convince Eva Marie that she has a much better body than she thinks she does.

In San Antonio Brie and Natalya went to the gym to work out with Vince McMahon’s personal trainer. They started talking about Brie’s idea of getting a gun and the trainer said that Brie is making the right decision by wanting to purchase a gun for protection.

In Tampa Rosa went out to dinner with Paige and Alicia Fox. Alicia said she felt like a third wheel with Rosa and Paige so she took a cab and left. Rosa kissed Paige after Alicia left and Paige told Rosa that she is there for her but doesn’t want to be with her. Rosa then walked away from Paige and left the restaurant they had been dining at.

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Daniel Bryan picked up Brie in Phoenix and she told him she had worked out with McMahon’s trainer and that the man said they should do things to their home to protect themselves. They then talked about putting up a barbed wire fence, which Brie was for but Daniel was against.

Alicia Fox went to the WWE Performance Center to practice wrestling moves with Paige. She then told Alicia that Rosa kissed her and that it was weird to her because Rosa is like a sister to her.

In L.A. Eva Marie and Ariana went clothes shopping together. Ariana found Eva sitting in a fitting room looking pale and sick. Ariana said she was worried about her friend’s health.

Brie had barbed wire installed on the couple’s property without telling Daniel about it first. When he found out he expressed to her that he was surprised she did this without discussing it with him. He then joked he was going to go build a bomb shelter in the event of a nuclear war and that Brie was crazy for having barbed wire installed.

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Paige and Alicia Fox talked more about Rosa’s attraction to her. She expressed that she didn’t know what Rosa wanted Paige to do about the attraction Rosa felt for her. Then Paige called Rosa and she didn’t answer, but Alicia called her right after that and Rosa answered that phone call, implying that she was mad at Paige and didn’t realize Paige and Alicia were hanging out together. The two then met up with Rosa and she and Paige argued because Rosa was drinking when they got there. Paige and Rosa then had an argument where Rosa said Paige was overstepping her boundaries. Rosa then tried to storm away but was blocked by Alicia.

Ariana took Eva Marie out with Jonathan after the two had talked about their mutual worry over Eva’s recent behavior. Though Ariana said they were going to a movie she actually took her to get help. Eva was asked to describe her body and physical looks and then have a professional describe Eva’s body and physical looks as well. The professional sketch artist, Jordan then asked Eva to describe her body and she compared it to a pear. She even mentioned cellulite on her legs and her love handles as well. Jordan drew a picture of Eva based on her description of herself and one based on his description of her. When Eva saw the drawings she said she looked horrible. Ariane then asked her when she started feeling bad abiut her body and Eva Marie said she feels like her self body image has gotten worse since she got married to Jonathan.

Brie and Daniel then continued to argue about the barbed wire she had installed. The couple then talked about moving and Daniel said it would be a bad idea. Daniel told Brie not to live in fear. Brie than said if they started a neighborhood watch she would feel safe in their house again.

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Natalya met Paige and Alicia for breakfast and Rosa showed up. The divas then talked once again about Rosa’s unrequited crush on Paige. Alicia said she felt bad for Rosa because she doesn’t think Paige realizes how flirty she is.

Backstage Paige apologized to Rosa for making her think she wanted more than friendship and that she recognizes that she is overly flirtatious.