‘Total Divas’ 510 No Retreat for Daniel Brian and Bella Twins

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On this week’s episode of “Total Divas,” Nikki and Brie met a young fan who gave Nikki flowers and showed her his WWE lunchbox complete with a John Cena figure. Alicia and Paige went to a coffee shop and met a male fan that cried when he met Paige. The male fan was working up the courage to tell his family he is gay, and he talked to Paige about his fears. He told Paige she was empowering, and she made him believe it is OK to be yourself.

Backstage at Smackdown, Nattie and Mandy talked about the kitten Nattie wanted to get for her sister. Then Mandy asked Nattie to do a match with her on RAW or Smackdown. Nattie invited Mandy to go on a vacation with Nattie and her family. Mandy said she wanted to bring her whole family with her. Brie said she gets nervous when she does a match in Phoenix because her family and friends are there to see it. Nicole and Brie’s brother JJ visited them backstage. Brie said she and Daniel Bryan planned a family vacation because Nikki had to take a week of for health reasons.

A WWE executive talked to Eva Marie and Mandy about putting them together as a tag team so they could put them back on TV. Eva Marie was told it was time for her to become a blonde since Mandy already is.

Backstage at another live event Paige told the girls about the fan she met with. Nattie said it was awesome that Paige wanted to help a fan but that she shouldn’t get so close to anyone who thinks they really know her. She said she didn’t want Paige to put herself in a vulnerable situation.

Brie, Nikki, Daniel Brian, JJ and JJ’s wife went on their vacation to Sedona and talked about what they were going to do. They arrived at their hotel and Renee and Dean Ambrose joined them.

Backstage, Nattie talked to Alicia about the family vacation she is planning and that Mandy invited her whole family when Nattie only originally invited her. R-Truth talked to Mandy and Eva Marie about becoming a dance tag team. Daniel Bryan said they were there to cleanse themselves.

Paige and Alicia talked about the situation with the gay fan and told her that Nattie and the others had advised her to stay out of it. Alicia told Paige to call the fan and tell him she couldn’t help him after all. He said it meant a lot to him to have Paige and Alicia there when he comes out to his family. Paige felt so bad for him she couldn’t bear to tell him she wouldn’t be getting involved.

Nattie went home and told TJ that Mandy and her family were coming on vacation with them. TJ made fun of her but didn’t argue about Mandy and her family joining them.

Brie, Daniel Bryan and the gang went into a teepee temple to heal. Brie said she was happy the group was going along with what he wanted to do.

Mandy and Eva Marie went out to lunch and ran into a fan who called Eva Marie her idol. Mandy showed Eva Marie an idea for their tag team costumes. Eva Marie said she didn’t want to dye her hair blonde and wouldn’t even do it temporarily.

Over dinner, Daniel, Brie and the gang talked about Daniel wanting to eat healthy during vacation. He said that they were there to heal so no one should drink. Brie said he needed to relax and not judge their friends for wanting to drink and have fun.

Paige and Alicia went to the gay fan’s house and stayed at a B&B while they were in town. They met the owner, who mentioned that he was in a same-sex relationship when they asked him who he lived with. Paige then told him they were in town to help a gay fan come out to his family.

Daniel wanted to go out for the day, but the women wanted to stay in for a while. They all hung out in a hot tub that night after Brie and Daniel spent the day meeting with a monk. Daniel skipped the hot tub and went straight to bed. Brie said Daniel needed to get out of his comfort zone sometimes. Daniel joined them in the hot tub after Brie asked him to.

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Paige and Alicia arrived to meet the gay fan, and he took them to his backyard to discuss how he was planning on coming out. He asked Paige for advice on what to say to his family. Alicia told him that it is brave for people to be themselves and Paige said she felt like a phony.

At the performance center, Eva Marie and Mandy were training for Eva Marie’s match. Mandy said she didn’t want to just be Eva Marie’s sidekick. They were told to brainstorm about their entrance, and the trainers would help them from there. Eva Marie was told if she paired up with Mandy she might have to work her way up the ranks in WWE again.

At Tribute to the Troops, Eva Marie met with fans in the armed forces. Then Nattie and Eva Marie met for lunch. Nattie said it was good that Eva Marie had gone back to NXT. She said Eva Marie had to work on her own character and establish herself as a wrestler.

Alicia and Paige drove the fan to his family’s house. Alicia said she was nervous for him. He introduced Alicia and Paige to his family. He then got serious and told his family that he loved them, and he wanted them to know him for who he was. When he confessed, he was gay his father hugged him and told him he loved him. His mother hugged him and told him he could always talk to her. Paige said she was in awe of her fans and that they inspire her to do more for them.

Eva Marie was nervous before her first title match. Backstage, Mandy watched Eva Marie’s match. She lost the match, but Mandy congratulated her on her performance. Eva Marie then confessed it wasn’t the right time for her to be on a tag team with Mandy.