TOTAL DIVAS 413: John Cena, Cheating & Returning Ex’s

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On this season’s finale of “Total Divas,” Paige admitted to Alicia that she lied to her. Paige went on to tell her she doesn’t want to get married yet. Alicia told Paige she has to tell her fiancé that. Paige said that she needs to tell her fiancé in person that she doesn’t want to get married, but he was on tour and she was in Mexico.

Natalya went to the eye doctor because her eyes were getting very sensitive. She found out she might need eye surgery that might prevent her from wrestling. The Bella twins and Daniel Bryan went to a restaurant with the family and ran into Dolph Ziggler, Nikki’s ex-boyfriend. Brie said Nikki wants to get married because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be married. Daniel Bryan accused Nikki of looking at Dolph in a way that means she’s cheating on her boyfriend, John Cena. Brie backed Nikki up when she said she wasn’t flirting with Dolph.

During a match on RAW, TJ suffered a bad injury to the head/neck area. The Big Show asked Paige if she was engaged and she told him the truth. The Big Show told her to take what she could get. Dolph flirted with Nikki and Brie said that made her uncomfortable. At the pool Dolph greeted Nikki and Brie’s mom with a hug. Nikki said John doesn’t want kids and Dolph pointed out that was a huge issue for Nikki and Dolph when they were dating.

Natalya took TJ home and said they had to figure out what the next step in his medical care would be. She said all she cares about is that she has TJ. Brie said Dolph was telling Nikki what she wanted to hear.

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At NXT, Eva Marie was set to re-debut. She won her match and the crowd went wild. John Cena and Nikki went to dinner at a fancy restaurant where they talked about how Brie wants to get pregnant and John confronted Nikki on how she felt about that.

Backstage at a house show, Paige’s fiancé showed up to surprise her. She had been planning on breaking off the engagement but she was nervous to do so. She said she had a lot of anxiety and didn’t want to be a grownup right now.

Natalya got a call from her doctor and found out she has to have eye surgery to avoid having one lazy eye. She was conflicted because TJ needed surgery too. Natalya said she honestly didn’t know what to do. She decided to delay her eye surgery so TJ could have the surgery he needs. She said TJ is the love of her life.

Backstage at RAW Dolph ran into the Bella twins and they told him to say hi to his mom from them. Brie told Dolph to stop flirting with Nikki because it was awkward for her. Dolph then said he still had feelings for Nikki and asked to talk to her in private. Nikki said she didn’t want to be disrespectful to John and that she couldn’t handle Dolph saying he still had feelings for her.