TOTAL DIVAS Recap: All About John Cena & Nikki’s Future

john cena with nikki on total divas breaking realtionship up

As Total Divas resumed its third season we see John Cena and Nikki Bella discussing the future of their relationship. After pressure from Nikki’s family John told Nikki she needed to think about their relationship and what she wants out of it. Nikki then stated maybe they did need time away from each other so she could see what life is like without him.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella discussed the relationship between John and Nikki. She said that she wasn’t going to tell Nikki she talked to John about re-evaluating their relationship.

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John and Nikki then talked backstage before a taping of WWE Smackdown where she confronted John over the fact that her family had approached him about dealing with their relationship issues. John said that even know he wants to be with her he didn’t want her family mad at him for not wanting the same things Nikki does.

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Paige, the newest WWE Diva to join the cast, talked about her rise to fame with the company. Backstage she was seen talking to Natalya about her relationship with TJ, which Natalya stated she didn’t want to talk about. Paige then invited Natalya to a party she was throwing soon.

Brie and Nikki then discussed Nikki’s feelings over her problems in her relationship with John.

As they arrived together for Paige’s party, Natalya commented that the party guests in attendance were a “motley crew.” She then ate a “special” brownie before discovering it had pot in it. When she found out she became rather upset and stated that she doesn’t do drugs and she just wanted to go home. Natalya made herself vomit in order to get the pot out of her system. She told Paige the next day that she was sweating and feeling sick after eating the pot brownie. Natalya also stated she never wants to be referred to as a stoner.

Brie and Daniel Bryan went out to lunch with her family and discussed her sister’s relationship with John. She and her brother argued about her position on the situation. Brie and Nikki’s mom told Brie that they had to stop talking about Nikki’s problems with John and that Nikki needed to just move on.

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Nikki and Brie then went to visit their mother and brother. She got a text from John saying that she needed to stay in San Diego and he needed to stay in Tampa for a while to see how they did without each other. Brie then confessed to Nikki that they invited John to breakfast and told him that Nikki has always wanted marriage and children and that John needed to make sacrifices for their relationship. Her family told her her relationship with John was an “ongoing saga” which led to an argument. Nikki told her family they had no right to call John and do what they did. This proves to viewers that no matter the family, every family argues. At one point during the heated argument Nikki referred to John as her soul mate. Her brother told her she was being ridiculous and she needed to stand up for herself. Nikki then stormed out of the family’s house and refused her mother’s requests to return.

Nikki then went promptly to John’s house and jumped into his arms. He welcomed her home with a glass of wine and asked her about what happened between her and her family. This led to Nikki stating she hates Brie and never wants to see her again.

Natalya became worried when WWE called her in for a drug test. She felt like she was going to lose everything because she would fail the drug test due to the pot still in her system. Natalya then made the decision to cause a minor car accident so she would have an excuse to miss the drug testing.

Paige then showed up at Natalya’s house to talk to her. She brought gifts for Natalya as well as her cat. Paige then confessed to Natalya that she made up the brownies at her party having pot in them. Needless to say, Natalya was not amused by the joke. Paige said she did it because she wanted Natalya to lighten up and have some fun. She even offered to pay to repair the rental car Natalya deliberately crashed. Natalya then politely asked Paige to leave her home. After she left Natalya called Paige “a little bitch.”

Meanwhile, backstage at Summer Slam the match between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon was discussed. Brie talked about the storyline they are doing where Nikki turns on her. They showed footage from Stephanie and Brie’s match while the other divas watched backstage. They were shocked to see Nikki run into the ring after Stephanie knocked Brie out. When Brie came to Nikki promptly knocked her out and left her lying helpless in the middle of the ring.

In the preview for next week’s episode of Total Divas, Brie threw up on Nikki and Rosa Mendes planted a kiss right on Paige’s mouth. Nikki and Brie were shown arguing about the whole situation between Nikki and John. This situation is likely to get even more heated as the season goes on. No doubt that the drama between Nikki and Brie over Nikki and John is being played up for the cameras. How much of this relationship angst is real and how much is staged is something viewers may never know. All that matters is that it keeps them coming back to tune in every week.

With the addition of Paige to the cast, it seems that Natalya may be transferring her dislike of Summer Rae to Paige instead after the whole “pot brownie” incident. It will be interesting to see how these two interact throughout the rest of the season. Will Natalya hold a grudge against Paige or will they be able to make peace and become friends? We’ll just have to keep tuning in to find out.