TOTAL DIVAS 409 Recap: Clashing Divas

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It was clashing and smashing on last night’s episode of Total Divas, Nikki went with Brie to have a tattoo removed that she got when she was 15 years old. Brie said her fairy tattoo had to go because she wants to be a mom soon. Nikki said she would never get rid of her tattoo and that John Cena likes it.

Brie met Bryan for dinner and he thought she was showing too much skin in the outfit she chose. Daniel Bryan said he wished Brie would wear pants and she said the shorts she was wearing covered her rear end. Brie said she wanted to show off her stomach until she gets pregnant.

Alicia and Paige went shopping for a motorcycle for Paige. Alicia pointed out that Paige still needs to get a motorcycle license to be able to legally operate one. TJ, Natalya and her mom and sister went shopping for furniture for Natalya’s new house. Natalya said TJ was unhappy that Natalya’s sister, Jenny, is living in their new house with them.

Backstage at RAW, Paige was asked to help train Cameron because she wants more TV time on WWE programming. Paige said she felt like the WWE was testing her by asking her to train Cameron. She said she was happy to get to train with Paige and that she didn’t have much time in developmental.

Brie and Nikki went shopping together and Brie told Nikki Daniel Bryan thought her outfit was too skimpy. Nikki told Brie that she should be confident enough to wear what she wants.

Natalya said she needed to come up with a plan to get Jenny out of the house and get her to mingle with other people. She asked Mark, a behind the scenes WWE employee, if he had any interest in her sister, who he met at Wrestlemania. Natalya said her sister is royalty and she could only date the cream of the crop. Natalya said she didn’t know what type of man her sister likes, but she was going to find her someone. Natalya invited Big E, a WWE wrestler, to her house to meet her sister.

Alicia, Paige and Rosa Mendes went for motorcycle training. Paige drove her motorcycle at such a high speed that she wiped out. Paige said she felt a cold sweat when she wiped out and it reminded her of when she crashed her car.

Backstage at a RAW event Paige got in trouble for crashing the motorcycle. She was told as a WWE diva she had to be smarter. Natalya took her sister to a restaurant to meet Big E. Jenny, Big E, Natalya and TJ had a double date. Jenny invited Big E to Natalya and TJs house that night to get in their hot tub.

Natalya had to make TJ promise he would be nice to Big E when he comes to their house. TJ said he would only be nice if Big E gets Jenny out of their house.

At the performance center Paige trained Cameron to wrestle. Paige said she was getting angry because Cameron was such a bad wrestler she could hurt Paige enough to prevent her from working.

Natalya gave Big E a tour of her house. She said she had hoped Jenny and Big E would go back to his house rather than hers. Daniel Bryan had a toilet delivered to his and Brie’s house that would allow them to use their waste as compost.

Jenny told TJ they should get John Cena’s interior designer to work on their house. TJ and Jenny argued and Jenny called TJ out on never proposing marriage to Natalya.

Paige got in trouble for upsetting Cameron when she was training her and Paige was told there would be serious consequences. Alicia told Paige they should get an ice cream truck for the summer.

Natalya said asking her sister to move in was backfiring on her and Natalya didn’t know what to do. Jenny then told Natalya she was going to go live with their parents instead of her and TJ.

Brie’s brother and sister in law came over her house for dinner and Daniel Bryan explained the compost toilet to them. Brie asked Daniel Bryan if he turned the water to their toilet off and he said he did. Daniel told Brie when she starts dressing modestly he’ll get rid of the compost toilet. Daniel Bryan said he would turn the water back on but it would take a few days.

Backstage at a show, Paige found out she’d been pulled from the show. She thought it was because she fought with Cameron but a WWE official denied it. The official told Paige if she confronts him again she won’t like the consequences. Paige was told to get her head out of her ass and that upset her.

Nikki, Natalya and Paige met for drinks and Paige told them what happened between her and Cameron. Paige said she felt like Nikki and Natalya were siding with the WWE. Paige got up and stormed off. Nikki went after Paige and told her she didn’t understand what Nikki and Natalya were trying to say. Nikki said she wanted to lead Paige in the right direction. Paige said she has no filter and she had to learn to change that. Natalya said Paige had to be able to outsmart any opponent. Paige said they were being good friends but she didn’t like having to admit she was wrong.

Brie let Daniel Bryan go through her closet and get rid of clothes he didn’t want her to wear. She said that he got rid of a lot of her clothes so she’d have to go on a shopping spree and buy more.