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Why DC’s tonal course correct doesn’t fix its universe

After DC Comics continues struggling to rival Marvel Comics, even after the success of Wonder Woman, will their latest Aquaman and Shazam! entries bring more fans over from the MCU?

Top 10 hottest DC Comics Toy Collectibles gift ideas

Marvel Comics might be having a better time on the big screen than DC Comics but DC collectible toys are in huge demand so here are the top 10 best ones you can get that fan of all ages.

Top 10 Films of 2016: Marius Maronilla’s list

Last year, we wrote that 2016 would be an interesting year for blockbuster films. Some turned out great, some were surprisingly good while others bombed. No Oscar films here. While I appreciate their merit in case I happen to sit through one

Watch all the Joker scenes left out of ‘Suicide Squad’ extended cut

If "Suicide Squad" left you wanting more, then last week's release of the extended cut which gave you thirteen more minutes of footage might have satisfied some of you. One of the characters that fans felt were cheated in the movie aka the Joker

‘Suicide Squad’ extends it’s Blu-ray Trailer plus new images

Has there been better news in the history of the world? No, there has not. Regardless of critics not being very kind to DC’s Suicide Squad back in August, fans can now rest easy.

Paramount ready for a ‘Monster Trucks’ movie flop

Paramount is Preparing For a Massive Loss Heading Into ‘Monster Trucks’ Release

Jared Leto tackling Andy Warhol next

Jared Leto Will Continue His Method of Madness For Andy Warhol Biopic

Margot Robbie tackling Harley Quinn ‘Suicide Squad’ spinoff

In recent memory, it’s hard to think of something that has divided more people than the DC Extended Universe. Beginning in 2013 with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the future of the dark comic book universe didn’t seem

‘Don’t Breathe’ continues Labor Day Box Office reign

Horror has come early for the Halloween box office as "Don't Breathe" holds on to the top spot for a second week, beating down several new releases at North American movie theaters.

‘Don’t Breathe’ sucks the life out of ‘Suicide Squad’ at box office

After riding the top of the box office for three weeks "Suicide Squad" has been pushed down to the second spot by newcomer horror film "Don't Breathe." The summer thriller came with some great marketing

‘Suicide Squad’ tops box office again and no, sir to ‘Ben Hur’

It was no surprise that the unnecessary huge scale remake of "Ben-Hur" landed with a major thud, but the other critically slammed movie "Suicide Squad" stayed at the top of the box office charts

‘Sausage Party’ can’t top ‘Suicide Squad’ at box office

"Sausage Party" may have beaten "Suicide Squad" when it came to critics reviews, but the Seth Rogen comedy couldn't meet the motley crew when it came to the weekend box office.

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