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Celebs Who Invested In Video Games

High profile celebrities have been investing big bucks in the video game industry including Drake, Ashton Kutcher and Michael Jordan.

Cavs Rodney Hood freed up while Michael Jordan lands James Borrego

Rodney Hall apologized to Cleveland Cavaliers GM and won't be disciplined for declining the Toronto Raptors blowout game, Michael Jordan has landed San Antonio Spurs head coach James Borrego as Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Rick Brunson resigns among reports of improper conduct.

Sports in 2018: expect more major hype without much payoff

The sporting world in 2018 isn't looking to have many surprises or new faces so settle in for some calmness while Donald Trump continues rattling our nerves politically.

Heroes and Zeros: Michael Jordan vs Ed Hartwell, Keshia Knight Pullam

This week’s hero is a basketball legend who is finally speaking up for the black community, and the zero is a couple who are making fools of themselves in the media right now.

Charlotte’s anti-LGBT law drives NBA All-Star Game out

You wonder how much more of a financial hit Charlotte, NC has to take before it realizes that it's antiquated anti-LGBT laws aren't going over with many Americans, including the NBA.

Scottie Pippen Believes Michael Jordan, 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls Would Sweep Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Boston Celtics 109-106 at home Friday, bringing an end to an NBA-record 54-game home winning streak which started last season. The loss very well may prevent the now-68-8 Warriors from another NBA record

Golden State Warriors’ Team Trainers Pose Biggest Obstacle for the Team in Two Seasons

The Golden State Warriors have it made. At 49-5, they are not only the best team in the NBA this season (and last season for that matter), they are also on pace to best the 72-10 record set by Michael Jordan

Shane Mclendon Takes on Bruce Jenner Part 2

Part 2 of the "About Bruce" special continued with more round table talk between Bruce Jenner and his daughters. The same concerns were discussed, and it seemed like the kids just wanted to know fully what was going on. No more secrets from Bruce.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Athletes Ever

I’ve talked before about the meaningless of sports. That’s not an easy topic to dive into as a sports fan. It’s tough to think about all the hours spent on something I enjoy so much that ultimately is just fun and games. Sports are not life or death.

Kobe Bryant Third Injury Marks End of an Era

Kobe Bryant went under the knife recently to repair his torn rotator cuff, his third season ending injury in three season. It started when Kobe blew out his Achilles tendon a few seasons back.

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