Golden State Warriors’ Team Trainers Pose Biggest Obstacle for the Team in Two Seasons

Golden State Warriors’ Team Trainers Pose Biggest Obstacle 2016 images

Golden State Warriors’ Team Trainers Pose Biggest Obstacle 2016 images

The Golden State Warriors have it made. At 49-5, they are not only the best team in the NBA this season (and last season for that matter), they are also on pace to best the 72-10 record set by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

But while the other 29 teams in the league plot their next move, feuding amongst themselves and others for a shot at second-best, the Warriors face some issues of their own—namely, their training staff.

In an attempt to ensure back-to-back NBA Championships for the Bay Area, the Warriors’ trainers decided to place a flight ban on sugary snacks, eliminating the candy bars and cookies from the team’s plane rides.

The sugar ban may have gone too far, however, with the team’s precious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches included as part of the embargo.

“You gotta fight for your rights,” said assistant coach Luke Walton. “If you believe in something, you gotta fight for it.”

No, that wasn’t a motivational speak before a game, that was Walton’s opinion on the PB&J situation the team is facing. While other teams face legitimate issues such as the trade deadline, injuries, and upcoming matchups with the Warriors, the Warriors feud over snacks.

And even this issue wasn’t much of a challenge—Walton stuck to his guns, complained regularly, and the trainers eventually lifted the ban on jelly in the locker room.

“Cookies are gone, soda is gone, all that’s gone,” said Walton with a smile on his face after yet another win. “But the PB&Js are back.”

“Somebody made a call,” said guard Shaun Livingston, another passionate advocate of the pro-PB&J stand. “Probably Steph.”

2015 NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala isn’t overly worried about the reappearance of jelly. He believes his teammates are smart enough to avoid constant sugar consumption—with only one major exception.

“Steph likes peanut butter and jelly, so we’re gonna let that slide.”

Curry, hearing Iguodala’s comments from across the room nodded in agreement.