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‘Making a Murderer’ Brendan Dassey finally being released from prison

In what has turned into as complex a case as the West Memphis Three, Brendan Dassey has once again being released from prison while the state of Wisconsin appeals an earlier ruling.

Wisconsin appeals ‘Making a Murderer’ Brendan Dassey’s overturned conviction

The State of Wisconsin is treating "Marking a Murderer" documentary subject Brendan Dassey much like the way the State of Arkansas treated "West Memphis Three" Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley Jr

‘Making a Murderer’ Steven Avery’s lawyer wants more testing

Now that Brendan Dassey is about to be a free man, his cousin Steven Avery is moving forward slowly with his attorney, Kathleen Zellner, who is requesting access to a lot of evidence for further testing.

Brendan Dassey from Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ about to be free

Brendan Dassey, one of the main characters in one of the most popular Netflix documentaries ever "Making a Murderer," could be a free man in the next 90 days.

Bomb threats kick in on Steven Avery ‘Making A Murderer’ documentary case

The "Making A Murderer" documentary based on Steven Avery's bizarre trip through the Wisconsin legal system has raised many emotions in people, but sadly, some has decided to make a bomb threat as a form of justice.

‘Making a Murderer’s’ Brendan Dassey Revealed Confession & Contamination

Nancy Grace is on a mission to make sure that "Making a Murderer's" main characters Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are proven guilty in the media to make sure she's not proven wrong.

‘Making a Murderer’ Filmmakers Speak on Steven Avery backlash

As with anything that gets into the mainstream vernacular, people and the media will praise something or someone until they get filled with enough vitriol to denigrate it, and such is the case with "Making a Murderer's" Steven Avery.

‘Making A Murderer’ 110 Steven Avery’s Endless Legal Loops recap

The final episode of "Making a Murderer" ends this hellashish lesson on the U.S. justice system. We see the results of a wrecked Avery family with Steven and Brendan having been found guilty of the horrific murder of Teresa Halbach.

‘Making A Murderer’ 109 Brendan Dassey Trial Turn & 4 Men Steven Avery Suspects of Killing Teresa Halbach

You know the result of the Steven Avery trial. The man was found guilty even after being able to hire really good defense lawyers. What do you imagine the result of Brendan Dassey's trial will be with court appointed attorneys?

White House & Obama Powerless to Pardon Steven Avery: ‘Making A Murderer’

As we reported earlier, the White House did respond about the petition to pardon "Making A Murderer" subject Steven Avery, but as the decision to convict him was at a state level, they are unable to do anything.

‘Making A Murderer’ 108 Steven Avery Verdict, Nancy Grace & Pardon Process

If you're looking for a happy start to this "Making A Murderer" episode then you are the ultimate optimist or you hate the Avery family.

‘Making A Murderer’ 107 Sgt Andrew Colburn & EDTA Accuracy Plus More Ken Kratz

With just four episodes left in the ten-part series, episode seven of "Making a Murderer" begins by focusing on the fact that the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department was not supposed to be a part of the investigation.

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