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No alcohol for Tiger Woods and Kris Humphries remembered

Tiger Woods blames the drugs for DUI, the Hulk battles Flash Gordon and Kim Kardashian gives remembrance to Kris Humphries while Jeff Bezos gets cancelled.

Kanye West never a Kris Humphries fan and Olivia Wilde joins Hollywood fertile foray

It truly is baby season in Hollywood! Yet another A-list couple has joined the ever-growing list of lovebirds that have announced they are expecting. On Monday, starlet Olivia Wilde took to her Instagram to share her new baby bump with fans.

Is Kanye West’s spiraling behavior because of North West?

Well people, it looks like we may know the reason for Kanye West’s series of social media tirades and just all around erratic behavior - North West isn’t his child.

Can Kanye West Survive the Kardashian’s Man Destroyer Machine?

The Kardashians are no strangers to the spotlight. In fact, they are excellent creators of opportunities to shine for the whole world to see. With the most recent “family crisis” involving Khloe Kardashian's no longer estranged NBA player husband Lamar Odom

I AM CAIT 105: Take Pride & Kris Jenner Returns With Some Bite

This weeks episode of "I Am Cait" “Take Pride” follows Caitlyn Jenner as she deals with approaching her male friends about her transition, as well as follows her as she goes to New York City pride week for her big public debut.

Top 10 Most Hated NBA Players 2015

In the NBA, players rub fans the wrong way pretty often. Whether they mess up off the field or leave to play for another team, superstars are always at the top of some people’s list and the bottom of other’s.

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