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What happens when Donald Trump fires or forces out Rob Rosenstein

Donald Trump stirred up plenty of concern for deputy attorney general Rob Rosenstein's future, but what exactly would happen if the man overseeing Bob Mueller's Russia investigation was bumped out? Here's what you need to know.

Donald Trump doubles down on immigration as support wanes fact check

President Donald Trump is standing his ground with the immigration policy feeling it will keep mid-term elections in Republicans favor plus five fact checks on his immigration claims.

Jeff Sessions and that ‘black identity extremist’ FBI report

Attorney General Jeff Sessions innocent act wears thin when questions arise about the FBI's report on black identity extremists in America.

Jeff Sessions convenient memory issues when it comes to Russia

Attorney General Jeff Sessions claims his false statement under oath are all due to job pressure, so isn't that a sign he shouldn't be in this job in the first place then? Anyone else would be fired for having a 'hazy memory' when your job depends on a good memory.

Jeff Sessions gives religion more freedom to discriminate against LGBT community

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is determined to knock out all minority groups and the LGBT community is the latest in his sites as he signs directive allowing people to use religion to openly discriminate.

Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?

Jeff Sessions gears up for Donald Trump, Comey & Russia

Another week, another big event to tune in to as Attorney General Jeff Sessions goes before the Senate intelligence committee Tuesday.

Department of Justice getting even harsher on crime

Jeff Sessions has easily found his match in Steve Cook with someone who feels the United States has gotten soft on crime.

Did Jeff Sessions actually keep his promise with James Comey?

President Donald Trump certainly knows how to spin up his wheels splattering everyone around him with dirt while keeping himself relatively clean, and Attorney General appears to be his latest victim.

Russian connection continues for Donald Trump with AG Jeff Sessions

Not long after President Donald Trump was flying high from his speech to Congress Tuesday, another Russia connection story hits the White House. This time with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions pull federal protections for transgender students

Jeff Session is officially Attorney General, and the first order of business for President Donald Trump's White House was to roll back protections for transgender students set in place by former president Barack Obama.

Republicans go old school to silence Coretta Scott King letter

The Republicans did what they do best when Sen. Elizabeth Warren was reading past statements against attorney general nominee Jeff Session from such people as the late Senator Edward Kennedy and the late Coretta Scott King

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