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‘Avengers: Infinity War’ continues dominating Mother’s Day box office

Marvels' Avengers: Infinity War continues dominating the box office weekend with it's only big competition coming from another Marvel film in the form of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 2. Melissa McCarthy took second place with Life of the Party and Gabriel Union took third spot with Breaking In.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 310 Jaw Dropping Finale As Race Conflicts Hit Home

It’s the season finale of Being Mary Jane, and needless to say, it’s heavy.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 310 Purge, Cleanse, Repeat

On the second to last episode in this season of Being Mary Jane, Paul lets his son have it and vows to take Deja away from him if he keeps on doing drugs. Patrick storms out, through with his family, and MJ confronts her dad.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 308 Wake Up Recap

So next week we are set to get one hell of a season finale on Being Mary Jane. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t come with the drama this week because, trust and believe, they did.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 306 Not A Comeback Recap

This week on “Being Mary Jane,” MJ spends some time with the Anchorettes at her new it spot. They talk about everything from work to relationships to prenups.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 305 Hotseat & Hooked

This week on "Being Mary Jane," she finally gets what she wants. Well, one of the things she wants, at least.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 303 Dealing Death Recap

It’s a heavy one this week on Being Mary Jane, so get your tissue and stay close to your phone. You may need to make a much-needed phone call to someone you owe an apology (or who owes you one).

‘Being Mary Jane’ 302: Recovery Recap

It's a double serving with the season 2 premiere of "Being Mary Jane," MJ is faced with a lot after her accident. From the woman she hit visiting her at home to her job being in jeopardy, she is not having the best of times.

‘Being Mary Jane’ 301: Hospital Rush Recap

Picking up right where it left off last season, "Being Mary Jane" hit the ground running. MJ is rushed to the hospital after her accident and is beat up… badly.

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