‘Being Mary Jane’ 305 Hotseat & Hooked

being mary jane 305 hotseat 2015 images

being mary jane 305 hotseat 2015 imagesThis week on “Being Mary Jane,” she finally gets what she wants. Well, one of the things she wants, at least.

But first…

Mary Jane gets a blow to her ego and career when Greg tells her that she is out, and Marisol is “in.” He tells he there is nothing that she can do about it but we all know MJ, and that is not going to happen.

She enlists the help of the NAACP by donating some money. She and her NAACP people meet with Greg, and he does not hear anything they have to say. Her lawyer tells him that if he doesn’t put her back on in three to six weeks, they will take the situation to the public. Even in the face of offering the NAACP airtime (they declined) Greg tells him that he will have to think about it.

What the lawyer says he wants, nor Greg’s answer is what MJ wants and tells the NAACP guy, pretty much, he sucks. She takes things into her own hands. As she walks out of the building, when asked by the press when she will return to the air, she tells them, “Monday,” and gives the NAACP lawyer the dirtiest look.

At her house, while she’s on the phone taking back the $5000 donation she made to NAACP, Mark tells her that she is wrong for trying to force SNC’s hand, and it could backfire on her. She knows he is right, but keep is MJ calm.

At her mother’s house, we see that Helen could be sick. She coughs uncontrollably, and her hands shake. Nicey finds her in the kitchen, and she tells her granddaughter not to say anything, “I’m fine.” Patrick walks in to give his mother samples of the products he delivers, and Nicey is super rude to him. He follows her into the living room and tells her about herself.

MJ gets a call from Kara, who is at the office with Greg’s “fat ass.” He wants to see MJ in his office. She gets dressed and goes to SNC. In Greg’s office, he shows her the video of her “statement” to the press. He asks her what that was about, and she tells him she had to do what she had to do. He then pulls out a folder with all the things that she’s done “wrong” since she’s worked there. “Monday late, Tuesday late, Wednesday didn’t do what we asked, Thursday sassy, Friday sassy with attitude.” His keeping track of subordination is only to let her know that he is watching, however. He puts her back on air… Monday.

Nicey’s momma, Jackie played by the beautiful Jill Scott, is in town. She brings her daughter gifts, and Nicey is overjoyed. “I wish you were here more ma,” Jackie tells her that she will work harder on being around for her. Helen walks in on their moment, and it is clear that she is not a fan of Jackie’s.  “I hear you work for a stripper.” Nicey corrects her grandmother, “She doesn’t work for a stripper she does hair for Nicki Minaj.” Oh, grandma. Jackie encourages her daughter to start doing hair so that she can be her own boss.

Nicey and her mother spend some time together, and Jackie puts her in place when Patrick tells her she should have been home sooner since her grandparents watch the kids. Jackie tells her she’s not a child any longer. Nicey remains silent and excuses herself to bed. Jackie and Patrick clearly have a moment and make plans for dinner.

MJ gets a new look for her on-air return and to celebrate going short she calls Mark so that they can have some fun. So he invites her to a club that it allows her to unwind without the presence of paparazzi.

That Monday she kills it. She asks Kara if she thinks Greg set her up with the teleprompter and her friend reassures her he didn’t. She heads home and checks her social media. Everyone loves that she’s back and her new look. She lies down and as she drifts off to sleep, Greg’s words ring in her ear. What he said to her obviously got to her, and she shows up hours before everyone to get her stuff together.

Patrick and Jackie have their dinner and goes back to his apartment. They share memories and then get it on. Watch out now. But not before Jackie tells him that he is too soft on Nicey. “You keep babying her.” He then is very honest with his baby momma. “You need to come around more, a lot more.” They both agree that they each need to do better by their girls, and Jackie confesses that she doesn’t do Nicki’s hair. “I do the dancers hair.” She feels that she messed up their girls. He comforts her… in the bed.

MJ clearly likes the club Mark took her to and returns waiting for Kara, who tells her that she is not going to be able to make it because of the boys.  Mary Jane finds some white chocolate candy, and they have a “good time.”

In the end, MJ tells Mark the next day that she kissed her first white boy. She jokingly tells him, “I feel like I let the ancestors down.” Kara comes in on them with the ratings and MJ doesn’t like the fact that they came in last place. Kara says it’s all good, “We always come in last place.” She encourages MJ, who retreats to her office. “You won,” which is enough for her because she happily drinks whiskey and smokes a cigar poolside later that night.

Oh to be young, gifted, black and his MJ’s case, bold as hell.